Rita Ola said she brought new advertising activities to sparkling suit underwear , tezenis in the underwear brand
The singer shows off her beautiful figure and Italy brand tezenis in the new tattoo – array.

suit underwear
The singer got the black underwear of the storm, twisted in a pure tights and silver high-heeled boots.

She also shared a video in her Instagram, which shows her dance in underwear, and tracks your own songs.

Posted in her Instagram video, she wrote, “it’s nice to be able to include my music with my amazing” tezenisofficial family!!!

“Thank the whole team for sharing these moments with me.”.”
After Rita appeared in the ad, she talked about the crash, and she suffered last year’s battle with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.

The singer’s album, only Ora out 2012 times, 2015 ROC countries claimed that she was ignored, to surrender from her.

They put forward a $2 million 300 thousand lawsuit, saying she didn’t produce enough albums and the resulting legal disputes, which meant she couldn’t do anything more.

suit underwear

As early as June, Rita was happy to reach an agreement with the record company, which meant she could start making a new album.
Rita, her second album was finally launched in March next year, she said, she was in the 2016 crash, she was unable to produce new music, despite the millions of advertising deal, and in the fifty tone franchise role.

At the same time, she will soon open the legendary Oxford Street Christmas lights.

The singer was the headline of the November 7th event, performing on the stage near the marble arch.

Last year, popular comeback, Craig David Wang press the big button.

Before 2015, Kyle Minogue had no honor, and 2014 was the national treasure Cheryl who turned on the lamp.




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