ET is real one second: time is not really fun. They make you feel exhausted, emotional, and perhaps worst of all, they destroy a perfect pair of suit underwear .
Fortunately, the world is moving forward, and now has a series of menstrual underwear designed for menstrual blood. You ruined your suit underwear  and potential embarrassment. Not only that, but there are some brands that are really cute (for example, when we don’t have menstrual periods, we’ll wear them too).

But not all underwear brands are equal, and it is difficult to screen out all the varieties from the market now. So, in order to make your life a little simpler, we’ve made a filter for you.

suit underwear

So, there’s no doubt that all the best underwear on the market today is here.

1. Thinx
We can’t say enough good things, thinx. This brand, which is the sale of people who come menstruation, regardless of gender, is the best choice. They are reusable, very comfortable, safe, and varied in style. They even have a handy chart to show which products can best handle your process.

2. Indiscreet
It’s helpful to have a sense of humor in your menstrual period, especially when you’re in bad mood. This is a rash coming. These delightful, entertaining underwear will make you laugh, no matter how heavy your flow is. Although they sell a variety of things, my personal favorite period of underwear is a popular culture reference ton.

A new company, padkix, assumes that you can still wear cute underwear in your period. With this in mind, they designed a series of high water absorbent suit underwear  for those who were very heavy. They’re easy to wash, and there are lots of cute patterns. You can even store their bundles so you don’t compete for protection when your deadline arrives.




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