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Japanese chimpanzee launched only one item in 2007: a pair of very good pants.

A year later, the company has a more diversified stock to innovative clothing like high-tech Chino, pick the perfect work pants insider named earlier this year.

Now, Bonobos is the most important attempt at men’s underwear, and it’s a home run.

A simple design method named the Japanese chimpanzee suit underwear  company is revolutionary, but how easy it is to make you wonder why it’s never been done now.

Most men’s underwear is small, medium and big, but the chimpanzee underwear is waist size, from 28 to 40 waist. By using the same method, find the most suitable pants, you will never have to worry about the size of the general suit underwear .

As the “5” crotch underpants and 3 trucks, each pair of Japanese chimpanzee underwear is not limited to you and super soft anti microbial elastic waistband, moisture wicking fabric biggest comfort. This is my impression of wearing and washing boxers several times:

suit underwear

When I first heard about the underwear of Japanese chimpanzee, I hope it’s good because of my experience with the company’s clothes. But once I knew it was based on my waist size, I was really excited to try a pair of myself. At one point or another, everyone has a problem, underwear, feeling too tight or too loose, even if you think you have found one of your brand with the traditional size, the exact size of Bonobos was more suitable for the.

Aside from the amazing waist fit, what I like most about Bonobos Underwear is the H-fly construction because, in my opinion, it seems wrong not to include a fly on men’s underwear. it is better than most traditional underwear on the fly is easier to use. The front and back sides of the perforated plate are another great feature. No matter how hot it is, or how hot you are, the panels keep you cool and comfortable all day.

34 dollars a pair, the suit underwear  of chimpanzee is expensive, but a perfect combination and rising characteristics, it is worth it. You have to be right, so use the promo code “bebrief” to get two pairs for 50 dollars at checkout.




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