Various illegal drugs show how to get them, which seems to be a real Irish passport and select suit underwear , just some of the items sold on Craigslist in Belfast.

Last month, many of the postings on the city’s website were called “banned” by the website itself.

suit underwear
One of the drugs, cannabis, cocaine, various shades of bright colors of the drugs and prescription drugs such as alprazolam.

Posted together with photos – we think it’s evidence – an indication of how to get in touch with dealers across the city.

Many people sell their products as “advanced pain management” and urge buyers to stop chronic pain”.

“We are here to break the cycle of pain,” another claimed.

The area around the business from Deng Donald and Lisburn and Ormeau in the post road map shows the dealer.

Many of them are a range of applications, including Kik and WhatsApp, which are very useful for providing phone number contacts.

Other eye-catching items on the site include women’s underwear and varying degrees of cleanliness.

A husband, who even claims to sell his wife, will not let her know.

Other positions require young students, girls and young mothers, to make 100 pounds – what to do? It doesn’t say.

Some people even beg desperately to lend 15000 pounds to a loan shark.

Those who need ID can even turn their passport into a real Irish passport of 1000 pounds.

Items that are not allowed to be sold on this site are unhygienic bedding, suit underwear , prescription drugs, controlled substances, collection and personal identification, confidential or proprietary information of any person.

But there are also some regular things in selling Craigslist’s own rules.

As long as you search Belfast, you can buy your ticket to see bishop John, a cute van van Morrison, folding bike or Xbox.




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