Now you can have a piece of this summer’s thabooty, and with the launch of new underwear and suit underwear  , Thabethe range – created to make women feel sexy, regardless of size or shape.

Actor, television presenter and radio personality Thando Thabethe launched her underwear, underwear series in the star studded event last night sexy Johannesburg skyline, as a guest to their best “pajama fashion star and celebrate.

Invited as a sponsor of C ROC from where cocktails, while watching the “real” woman walks in the thabooty corset and underwear runway. Body positivity was the subject of the night, as women confidently displayed new collections, no pregnancy care, fat or strange thigh swings.

suit underwear

Iamwoman is the message Thabethe hope in her underwear series, including a – like suit underwear  add a seductive underwear edge means that measurements of various sizes that – when you should not, you can feel satisfied is a factor of female mixed. A little bit of Thabethe quickly makes it, however, the range is not for people to see, but when women enjoy their feelings for resistance, standing in the mirror, thabooty is just their clothing.

“I wanted to create something that women would not be ashamed to wear, and something that would satisfy my functional needs.”. Whether it’s uniformity, control, or outline, what I need doesn’t roll down, and my body still makes me feel like I’m wearing a blanket underneath my clothes, “state Thabethe.

The range also includes cute and sports pieces and “Thabooty” decorative large segment collection of bra and underwear strap, luxury clothing brand, brand association, the most popular brand underwear. Although Thabethe’s fun and sexy creation is undoubtedly the set spoiler, a few functional basis for women to search for hidden bumps and supported, meant that she was a serious suit underwear market.




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