Kalispell, Mont. In Kalispell, the number of homeless youth is amazing, but the heart of the locker room is a non-profit organization that helps young people by their clothes and other necessities.

Clothes, shoes, sanitary goods and other necessities are donated in the dressing room. Recently, their use of underwear, bra and socks has been very low and launched an activity requiring people to help.

Adam Sommers is a volunteer service at the donation center of an American service team. He says they have about 350 students every year.

suit underwear

“It’s a lot relative to the population,” Sommers said. ” This makes it more urgent for the children to get what they need. ”

They bought most of the old clothes, but they could only wear new underwear. Sommers says it may be part of the reason they have a shortage.

“We don’t use underwear, so all the suit underwear  and socks are new on the floor,” Sommers said.

Sommers told NBC Montana’s underwear that they were burning fast.

“Every student usually gets a new panty,” Sommers said.

In April, Lamantia told us that her family was thankful for the heart, but she still saw the needs of other teenagers.

“There are many homeless teenagers there. I saw three last summer, they were all 16, 17 years old, and if I had the chance to help them, I would, “Lamantia said.

Sara Nelson agrees. She is a high school art teacher in high school, where they have a heart market position. The heart market is another resource for homeless students.

She says it’s important for teenagers to have basic necessities in school.

“And then you know they can go on and continue to learn,” Roy Nelson said.

Sommers said they have announced a large amount of donations to operate suit underwear.




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