He said in a Facebook video that David Reynolds was taking classes and washing his dog before the Topeka police broke into his home. But when Reynolds – only wearing underwear – slammed the door shut, the police marched forward, holding the gun and handcuffing him.

Topeka police received a man’s hand-held rifle for the first time around 11 am on Wednesday, the department said in a statement issued to Facebook after 5 pm.

The police said: “Callers tell us that they think that men and women have violent disputes and pose a threat to her.” “The caller then specified the apartment in progress. Then the caller said they could hear the knock on the door and Walls and say they are worried about their safety.”

When the police officers arrived at the scene, they tapped the apartment door described by the caller. The police said an insider answered the door while wearing underwear and latex gloves, refused to answer questions and closed the door.

“Because of fear of women’s safety, the police forced the entry. The purpose was to check if the woman was injured or needed help,” the police said. “In an emergency such as this, if the police officer has a reasonable belief that someone may be in an emergency state of danger, there is no need for a search warrant.”

The police said that during the detention of the person, the police searched the house to see if anyone was injured. After the official did not find anyone else, he was released. After the apartment manager was summoned to the door, the police left.

“So I went home during the class, washed my dog, I suddenly heard the knock on the door, I asked who it was, didn’t answer, so I opened the door, there are two Topeka police with AR-15 lottery and AIMED department The official told me to go outside, I replied ‘(cursed) no’ because 1. I did not make a mistake, and 2. I was wearing underwear, because washing my dog ​​became messy,” Reynolds said in a Facebook post.

“So I slammed the door. They broke it,” Reynolds continued. “Tell me to stand up, handcuff me, drag me to the living room. Then tell me they got a call for ‘Hispanic male with AK-47’. ‘…I didn’t make a mistake. I am in my own home! Wash my dog! They messed up my door and there is hardly any evidence that I have done something wrong!”

Reynolds’ video was released at 12:23 pm. And got about 100,000 views in about 5 hours. Among them, he asked an officer why, in the absence of an arrest warrant, “My front door had four police officers carrying the AR-15 and knocking them down.”

“Well, are you ready to let me answer?” the official in the video asked before he was interrupted. About a minute later, the official said that under normal circumstances, the police needed a warrant to force them into the house – but in an emergency they did not need an arrest warrant.

After yelling at the officers, Reynolds asked for their name and badge number.

“Someone called them and said they saw a Hispanic man with an AK-47,” he said in the video. “They came to my door, took my door down, put on handcuffs, and didn’t have an arrest warrant. Yes, the name and the badge number. If this is the case, I will die in my apartment because there is nothing wrong with it. Anything. Thank you, now I get from my apartment (curse).”




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