plus size bodystocking

Clothing exports are gradually turning to their focus on undergarment as they to look at their receipts by transportation more value-added projects.

Even five years ago, underwear exports could not raked millions, but now it is easy to exceed $7 million in revenue, according to industry.

Are more and more local manufacturers to invest in the period of to grab a $40 trillion global market “, they said.

Garment factory started production of nearly 15 of the item in the last added 3 / 4 years, according to Managing

Director of Mondol to understand, Mondol group, the value of the $200 thousand a year export underwear

H&M, Kemat, Debenhams, which still, near WAL-MART, next, Primark, and WAL-MART are the professional buyers Zhu of underwear from bangladesh.

“In January 2014, when we started in our factory, we used to export less than for 70000 months of of underwear.”

Eleash mridha Managing Director of chorka, textile, one of the of Subsidiaries prande group.

plus size bodystocking

But now the company’s monthly shipping station is at the 45 thousand US $45 thousand, and raking is at 70 thousand.

Hired workers chorka 5500, and plans to double the the Workforce order up and over a year.

Mridha went to the street the dearth of Local skilled manpower, due to which underwear manufacturer had to hire technology people from China, Sri Lanka and Philippines.

I’m Jabbar, Managing Director of DBL which group, annual salary of $5 million worth of exports of apparel products close to him, that he will invest 2 million in to manufacturing mainly habiganj underwear and sports to 2019.

“We’re very aggressively towards in that direction,” he said.

European accounts for $11 trillion and 670 billion of the total plus size bodystocking market and US $793 million in North America.

They shared the United 66.3 percent of the World According to a recent total delay from Research and Markets, global market research company.

The percentage shares are held in Asia for 20.4 punctures, and the joint shares of South America and the rest of the, 13.3 piercing.




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