A man in Council Bluffs was out of the police before he said he tried to escape from Wednesday morning and was found hiding in the underwear in the basement.

The 42-year-old Mitchell Boyle was accused of evading the police and possessing misbehaving of methamphetamine.

According to the news of the Council Bluffs police, a police officer found a silver minivan without a license plate at around 2:55 am on North 8th Street and G Avenue.

The police followed the minivan and parked at a residence near North 8th Street and Wilson Avenue.

As the police approached, he saw the shadow moving towards the back of the house, and then a man – later identified as Boyer – passed through the backyard.

While searching the area, the police found a woman who was later confirmed to be a passenger of Boyer, lying on a set of stairs near the house.

The police said the woman told them that she was riding with Boyer when the police began tracking them. Before he told her to run, Boyer parked the car in the driveway of the house, and the woman thought it was his house.

The police said the woman followed Boyer until she fell on the stairs. She told the police that she ran because she was afraid and didn’t know what was going on.

She was eventually released.

The police searched Boyer in the area but could not find him.

At 4:10 in the morning, a caller told the police that a white man was seen passing through the yard near North Eight Street and Street L.

The police went to the house where Boyer was registered and knocked at the door.

Boyer’s mother and brother opened the door and told the police that Boyer was not inside and allowed the police to search the house for him.

In the basement, the police alleged that Boyer “hidden in his underwear” and that the scratches on his body seemed to come from bushes or trees.

“Boyle, a big man, is also sweating,” the police said.

Boyer was handcuffed and detained. It was alleged that when he saw a police officer tracking him, he told the police that his license was suspended.

According to reports, Boyer continued to say that he was hiding in the bushes of the Brotherhood softball field and then entered his home, and his brother and mother knew that he was there.

“Boyer also said that the controlled substances in the car belong to him,” the police said.

In the minivans, the police allegedly found a small amount of cannabis and methylbenzene in a pack of Marlboro cigarettes.

Boyer’s next hearing is scheduled to take place on September 5. The minivan was towed away.




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