plus size bodystocking

On my radio show, launcher, weekly on Sirius XM 111, business radio from Walton business school, I talk with their entrepreneurs, once a month, I choose the elevator spacing this month.

My choice this month is Jane Fisher and Jenna Kerner, the founder of Harper Wilde. Please listen to our deep, half an hour conversation.

All right, men: imagine that every time you want to buy a pair of boxers, you have to spend three hours searching hundreds of options and paying 50 or even 70 dollars.

This is the last investors-93% of which draws attention to Harper Wilde, a company that, as the founder of Jane Fisher, says, “shopping with BS’s bra.” She explained that she and her partner, Jenna Kerner, “decided to build a company will make it easier to buy more fair pricing bra, daily bra, online, no trouble.

plus size bodystocking

They offer home to try three bra, they only sell some great choices, all of them sell for 35 dollars, which is about half of what you will find in other retailers’ similar quality products. Listen to Jane to Harper and Wilde elevator.

Facts have proved that Jane and Jenna need to find a way to explain why the price of brassiere is too high and overwhelming, which is a way that men can’t understand.

Women entrepreneurs tend to encounter such problems: investors seem not to be fully concerned, or do not seem to believe in the existence of the market.

Jane and her founder, Jenna Kerner, have had such a experience. Jane describes the initial ball: “well, we MBA students, we put all the data, this is what a huge profit and a dominant player, research and statistics of a $16 billion industry, and many women buy a plus size bodystocking on average every year, she spent much money, and we the stadium has been falling flat.” She couldn’t help wondering, “why no one is listening to it?”




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