plus size bodystocking
First of all, Claudia, tell us about Luna London. What does business do?

Luna Mae London provides customized underwear and casual clothes, providing personalized and private services aimed at celebrating female form. The solution of the measurement is unique, everyone, but all the characteristics are incomparable combination, meticulous British craft, exquisite attention to details, and gorgeous materials, manual selection of shape and support.

What inspired you to start the company?

When I was 22 years old, I found a blank in the market of quality underwear. She realized that the complexity of bra engineering and the two-dimensional dimension of high street can not be exactly suitable for all women. The moon beauty London is challenging industry standards to create beautiful customized parts, which are unique women and they are created individually. The best use of precious decoration such as silk and satin hand rope Chantilly lace, embroidery and netting Italy e, handmade beaded mesh pattern, each piece is proud of the British expert Handmade tailor.

What is the early challenge?

The concept of custom underwear is relatively unexplored. The moon beautiful London breaks this market barrier as the only brand to provide underwear with such a high level of quality and dedicated services. It’s challenging to launch a unique brand, because a lot of our organic growth comes from word-of-mouth and recommendation, which requires early patience. Understanding this, I guarantee that I always provide the best level of customer service, and thankfully, I can develop business through some very loyal customers. I also learned that you must be brave enough to enter an unknown area and challenge people to see how they experience underwear, but ultimately, the quality of your product will speak for themselves.

 plus size bodystocking

You have recently won the young entrepreneur of the year award for 2017. What’s the matter? How did you like it?

It is a great honor to be able to achieve such a honor. It really solidify the hard work I’ve done in creating the business and provides a good platform for the further development of the brand. It was a very exciting year, and I couldn’t wait to know where I could do business next.

Why did you decide to call your company?

I want a moving female name, empty and mysterious. I love “Mae”, because it has unusual spelling, and then found the word “Luna”, this is a perfect collocation for me, represents the elegance and sophistication.

Talk to us all the way through the client process.

The journey starts from a negotiation. We take the time to understand what the customers are looking for — whether it is a plus size bodystocking, an unusual wedding dress, or a beautiful daily necessities. We suggest that we design a suitable customer’s specific shape and color with her skin color and invite her to select records from our satin silk archive, exquisite handwork lace and embroidery. Then the customer is fitted and a detailed measurement is taken to create her unique pattern. Once the pattern has been drafted, our craftsmen tailor team will carefully create life, finish any pattern design of her initials and hand sewing exquisite decoration. This process takes six to eight weeks as a standard, but we also have an emergency service from two to four weeks.




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