The hell kitchen woman sued one of the most prominent pot merchants in Nevada, claiming that he had sacked her, reported numerous office jobs and betrayed a woman who refused to wear suit underwear , but that wasn’t the worst.
Pamela Johnston, 49, said she was also screened for 4 stage breast cancer.
Former senior vice president served as former investment banker Leslie Bocskor and his hemp industry consultant company, partner of silver gold mine, after filing with her lawsuit on Thursday in the federal court of Manhattan.
Here, Johnston accused marijuana of ending this summer vacation, and she only told them about her diagnosis only a few weeks later.
“And Mr Bocskor dismissed Ms. Johnston because she was suffering from cancer,” the suit says. “They also asked Ms. Johnston because she had reported the company’s sexual activity, which posed a risk. The gold executive Electrum didn’t want to address the company’s activities. ”
Johnston told the post Thursday, even before she died, that she was hearing, and she was going to continue to sue Bocskor and Jun from the grave.
“I have instructed my will to execute, and its writing continues, if I die,” she said, adding, “they will ask them to deal with me immediately.”
In the end, Johnston claimed that Bocskor, a native New Yorker, violated the city’s human rights law and prohibited discrimination in hiring and dismissal.
The 25 year old public relations veteran said that in addition to giving her a job, her former boss refused to pay her in her last few weeks, even after he had promised to do so.

suit underwear
Johnston claimed that her clothes, plus her termination, the harm and loss she had lost, and the amount of pain and humiliation she had suffered from oral contract revenues were unknown.”
She said she believed in Bocskor, who was one of the founders of the Nevada Hemp Industry Association, and chose to kick her to the curb because he didn’t want to deal with her cancer diagnosis or alleged misconduct.
During her time as senior vice president, said Johnston pointed out that “inappropriate romantic and sexual activity in some cases, around Las Vegas, Nevada’s office, in the position of Jun staff travel,” said suit.
She also urged “bocskor – she called” Mose’s marijuana industry “- the dress in his office in New York and Nevada, noted that” the female employees to work without wearing any suit underwear .”
“Ms. Johnston wanted Mr. Bocskor, which would undermine the corporate culture and the reputation of employees exposed to their genitals,” says suit. “Mr. Bocskor, however, sticking to such restrictions would curse the cannabis community.”
It’s just a few of those events, and Johnston’s attention to Bocskor, in her clothes, says they can have a negative impact on the morale and glory of the company.”
But Bocskor refused to do anything for it and chose to fire her, suit says.
Johnston has now found a new place to live, to continue her treatment, and to support herself at the Perlmutter cancer center in New York.
“I don’t know where to go because I don’t have any income,” she said. “I’m not afraid of death, I’m afraid of suffering, and what I’m going to pass [Bocskor] is extra pain, and I think it’s unnecessary, that’s why justice needs to be delivered. No one should have the fear and burden of having nothing to do except what I’m going through now.”
Bocskor, who was the founder and owner of the gold mine, declined to comment Thursday on the phone.




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