plus size bodystocking
The occasion of the new year, Etam Lingerie in the blood of the continuation of the classic law at the same time, also studied more China to the demands of consumers, so that the design of the series in the new sexy and cute little, functional score also sophisticated. For example, Etam plus size bodystocking  skillfully used the image of the cartoon dog to make Chinese traditional red cotton underwear more colorful, and decorated the elegant pajamas with Chinese red and black lace, making the goddess image more Oriental.
plus size bodystocking

Etam Lingerie year series prepared many exquisite styles for everyone, from the service to the Home Furnishing smart lovely sexy hot plus size bodystocking, with fiery red Chinese with elegant French sexy, let the new year from the start you out of the ordinary. The new series of underwear all adopt Etam Lingerie top quality handmade lace and silk fabrics produced, create exquisite detail and perfect shape, beautiful harmony and comfort with passion and good luck, let the continuation of a year.

No lace is still the main theme of Etam Lingerie, Handmade lace let red gorgeous but not vulgar. The new series in the style also have more innovation, the use of lace as decoration, let winter underwear gift a wonderful festive atmosphere. In function, Etam plus size bodystocking is also more fit for the body to meet the needs of the Asians to modify the breast type on the basis of light and comfortable comfort. The new year is coming, and it can also be given to the closest people as a perfect new year’s gift.

A new year, Etam Lingerie through more in-depth understanding of the China women demand, history and technology accumulation of hundred years based on full sincerity to repay consumers, bringing a series of fusion of traditional Chinese elements and French sexy underwear for women Chinese Xinxi temperament. It gives you the red and red fire from the inside, so that beauty and good luck are accompanied by a whole year.




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