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No matter how good or bad, fashion brands can no longer create their own things. With an unlimited limited edition, capsule collections are available, making it difficult to tell which trend belongs to who and which is a copy (a copy of the copy). And we have committed a lot of their crimes.

But before you succumb to collaborative fatigue, fashion brands will capitalize each other’s legacy into your dollar, and we have one – whether you believe it or not – is actually worth it. For the latest cover of their ongoing creative relationship, Calvin Klein and the Andy Warhol Foundation have released another portrait of the late version of the retail photographer. And, of course, they are very sexy.

Titled Andy Warhol: Exposure, ’77 – ’85, the second edition of Calvin Klein Underwear capsules – the first is a provocative print from the Warhol movie kiss – shows four prints, by the pop culture Titan Interpret men’s and women’s T-shirts, vests, pants, boxer briefs, ballet skirts, bikinis and boy shorts in a variety of varieties. (say five times faster.)

In addition, the popular belts for the first time take into account the names of Calvin Klein and Andy Warhol. The photos were taken during Warhol’s heyday, including not only the six anonymous male residents of New York’s nightlife, but also Italian magazine editors and Warhol star Dani La Moreira. The best part of it is that the most expensive part of the classification is $58 – now available (pre-order).

If you really think about it: defining ’90s is easy. That’s because it’s an era that wasn’t there before; it introduces minimalism (a refreshing white T-shirt is really enough), it redefines the way punk looks (before Marc Jacobs got it) It predicts that the trend of the sports and leisure era is too difficult today, but if such a series is so popular, even if it pays tribute to the era when most people will buy it, it has not even been realized because it re-imagined the classic, eternal Necessities for the wardrobe, otherwise you can’t see it.

Moreover, in the eyes of this writer, fashion is like Warhol, making art possible.




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