corset style bra

I have brought a lot of important lessons to civilians in the world, when I left the US Army, but there is a very important lesson, I carried out the underwear from the civilian world when I joined the Army: the right importance of a pair.

I went to Tampa’s Bush garden, when I was 12 years old in Florida and spent a day riding a rider out of the roller coaster. About half a day, I think it’s a good idea to get a wet ride on the water; I’m wearing a pair of shorts, so I can go, right? No, if you’ve never been to an amusement park, you usually have a lot of walking. At noon, my fat butt has a middle school park like a cartoon bull rider because it hurts to take normal steps so bad.

I will never forget how poor the experience was, when I was on the spot, scramble, or deploy, and I decided to be careful rather than the suit underwear  “commando.”

I use the underpants, but now I go to the Adidas CLIMALITE underwear. Two are all right, but Adidas is a little shorter. They don’t wear uniforms or pants. They keep the boys cool in the desert and spend the winter in Minnesota. They wick moisture and light packaging, no scratch chafey (Note: bodyglide your friend long ass action or with an expedient method of deodorant). But more important: they make my butt look great!

I asked some doctors to go to their underwear in the scene. The following are what we are doing now.

These are the most comfortable suit underwear  I’ve ever worn. They can’t be sold when they are expensive, but I never notice their existence. They feel like an angel’s hand, holding me to their ball, and softening their skin all day, and then powdering it better than the baby’s butt.

Quick rinsing, then drying in a few minutes instead of a few hours, can be easily cleaned. They are antibacterial, so I can’t smell them after a hard day’s work. 11/10 will put the ball in again. ”

“There is a feeling of freedom, one that inherits your courage. The ability, at any time, to take off the pants, countless execution activities, to wear well. Swim – finish, run – finish; drink – finish; sleep – finish; shoot – finish; hot date – finish. The image of confidence. A loose package to keep the package loose.

“They turned a little woman into a soldier.” One aspect of keeping a woman is everything. “




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