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The U.S. Patent Office has spread the drying description of male support garments. One suit underwear brand claims it can provide the ideal “beauty hip profile” while another promises “the overall male member can adjust support”. A pair of stuffed boxers with removable docking plugs said it also has a “smooth vent scrotum” system.

Then there was the Rolerbum, a lingerie brand that raised the underwear brand, equipped with two butt-shaped polyurethane foam pieces and weaving them onto the back of the shorts, creating what the manufacturer called “elevator technology.”

“When the brand uses silicone, it will get heavier, and if someone beats your ass, it will be more obvious.” Jonathan Diersing, the inventor of Rounderbum, told me. “We are spongy, like a real ass.”

There are predecessors, but Rounderbum said that since 2015 sales have exceeded $1 million, perhaps the most visible male butt-strengthening underwear brand in history. After winning a $150,000 U.S. dollar after the Shark Tank came on stage, Dilsing claimed that his Amazon sales had risen by a hundred thousand; his boxer underpants were currently the fourth best-selling pants on the site.

The rapid expansion of Rounderbum shows that men exert similar pressure on women and want to present the world with a thick and juicy ass. However, Diersing certainly hopes to sell more powerful information. “We are not trying to fake anyone,” he said. “We just want your clothes to be as good as you are on the human body.”

According to Melanie Brewster, a professor of psychology at Columbia University, underwear that wears cushions is actually healthier than using steroids or forced exercise to treat one’s own malformations, but it also continues to be unrealistically beautiful. . She said: “I can hardly imagine that when people go out to buy any shape of underwear, they have no potential dissatisfaction with their body.

Men, especially gay men, have already filled their ass. However, most of the products provided previously were sold for reasons other than image improvement. Rounderbum is refreshing, their mission makes your ass look bigger, and they are not hidden behind the medical language to prove the rationality of this mission.

Butt for You has been selling underpants since 1997. He has a wheelchair man on his homepage. The owner tells SFGate that many of his clients are seniors and HIV-positive men who have been on antiretroviral drugs for many years. Lose fat. BottomsUp is a brand that made headlines a decade ago. It also caters to cancer patients and men in wheelchairs. In contrast, the advertisement of the Rollerbum is non-medical, emphasizing the feeling that men can dock with bubbles (assuming it does not slide).

The advantages of men’s cushioned suit underwear are not entirely predictable. According to the report of the American Plastic Beauty Association, women are still the subject of cosmetic ass surgery. In 2016, the total number of men receiving 20,126 butt joints and butt lifts was only 2.6%.

But Karen E Jones, owner of Bubbles Bodywear, said that more men are buying her products than before. “The men complained that their jeans or trousers were sagging. We had a doctor who felt uncomfortable when residents walked behind him. He thought they were just staring at his flat bottom.”

She added that with exercise alone, many men are unable to achieve “perfect” ass. “They said,” They are not genes built with hormones, back fat and muscle cosmetics. “(According to a study in 2009, the average body fat of women was 6% to 11% more than men’s).” Sometimes they need some help with silicone. “

Unlike Rollerbum, Bubbles offers a range of filling ranges from 1 inch to 3 inches, and optional silicone inserts. Jones said that her sales representative spends hours on the phone with her customers trying to make the ideal belt. “It’s like putting on a hundred times the bra,” she said.

After seeing advertisements for ball-shaped underwear brands that popped up on Facebook, Brandon Gray purchased Rounderbums. “I have a lot of compliments,” he told me. “I even had friends who asked if I had cosmetic surgery.”

Gray was very satisfied with his shorts and he thought he would buy one pair at a time. “I’ve always felt uncomfortable with my ass. I think most people will check their ass in the mirror and want to know that they look fine.”

Of course, Amazon’s comments on Rounderbum are on the map. One customer praised these briefs for effectively tightening his cheeks, while another customer said: “These will make you look like Jennifer Lopez was before the reduction.” However, people still realize that these Underpants are solving pressing problems for some men, especially those hips that are too flat to hold jeans.




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