plus size bodystocking

When it comes to buying bras and underwear, Urban Outfitters has always been my passion. I have a small chest, so their triangle bra is the perfect combination for comfort and support, and their lace thongs gracefully sit on your body and will not create uncomfortable bulges. However, another communicator proficient in basic functions is taking on a cynical match: Ms Crew underwear has just arrived, and it may just make the style I used to make money for them.

Admittedly, I did not realize J. Crew until a few years ago, when I realized that their basics and swimwear were great. The denim is of outstanding quality, always in a stylish silhouette, and its T-shirts are well crafted with simple and varied prints, and their bikinis and single pieces are what I want to wear on the beach. (I love the unique silhouettes they offer, and the prints are always on.) Older, the more I find myself looking for chic and top quality parts, which is the nail of J. Crew.

And now, J.Crew has added underwear to its tracks, and the tracks are even better than I expected. Five different fabrics, including dotted meshes and soft cotton fabrics, create a variety of bras and underwear styles to suit your perfect body. This is a wide-necked V-neck bra with a loose, comfortable strap and a low-cut top; a steel bra that offers a slight lift without an inner liner or cushion; a French bra that has a soft structure and a side Thorax wings; and Underwire Balconette with detachable shoulder straps and non-slip silicone trim and extra-raised half-cut cups.
According to J. Crew’s website, the brand “consults with the right experts to create comfortable and yet still supportive styles (thanks to details such as steel boning and structural deboning).”
 plus size bodystocking
Each piece looks very flexible, minimalist and soft, which is important for my bra and plus size bodystocking. I only like running on my scooter so I’ll be sold when they’re cute and feel like a wearable cloud. Bottom – There are at least three styles, including thongs, bikinis and chic – all available in XL size and brassieres XXL. The best part is that each piece costs less than $ 40, some of which cost $ 12.5. If you compare it to other plus size bodystocking brands, a single bra earning underwear brands over $ 90 is a big deal.

As a cheesy adorable additive, J. Crew is also working with vegetarian nail polish brand Veque to create a nontoxic tailored polish to match the colors of the new collection. Think of shamelessness by getting a coordinated fingertip by peeling off your bra and underwear. There are six main colors in the collection, from robin’s egg blue to sunshine yellow to pink berries; everyone has a Polish match. With staple tones, plus size bodystocking comes in a few more interesting prints, including standard cheetahs, blue and white stripes, and – my favorite lilac printed with small cherries. (This is actually the cutest bra and pant suit I’ve ever seen, and I immediately wanted to put it on my body.)

I’m happy to see how my Urban Outfitters are most sought after, but honestly, J. Crew has won my underwear selection. Even if no one really sees something under my clothes, I know what’s there and if I like it, it gives me a secret source of sexy confidence.




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