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Putting on the winter layer of spring clothes is one of the things we really like about spring cleaning. However, with the increase in seasonal closet turnover, the problem of how to store all the right basic parts for your suit underwear drawer appears every year. Because let’s face it: There’s nothing more destructive than VPL or the wrong bra strap. Please read on below to understand what adjustments you should make to various equipment so that you can see your best from the inside out this season.

1. At the gym, yoga or jogging: “The most important thing about your panties for the gym is that it is comfortable, portable, and breathable,” says Laetitia Lecigne, creative director of Jockey. “Thus, you want your underwear to have good stretchability and resilience, will not penetrate into it, and look for patterns with moisture wicking function, and use a cotton lining in the pad area. In addition, yoga pants It’s usually very fit and nothing is more difficult to penetrate than your panties.” “Brit + Co Pick: Jockey Air Seamfree Thong ($13)

2. Silky under the skirt: “Be careful! Silk is a tricky fabric, especially on a tights, and will show a tight dress with everything below,” warned Lecigne. “The key to choosing a non-displayable underwear is to choose a lightweight fabric that does not stretch or waist too much.” Brit + Co Pick: Natori Bliss Perfection Thong ($ 15)

suit underwear

3. Under white jeans: “Although jeans can be elastic, they are usually heavier than women wearing other clothes. If you are a fan like thong, thick underwear fabric will definitely improve your jeans. Cloth experience, “Lecigne said. “Cotton suit underwear can help reduce the roughness of the rough denim of a hard denim.” Brit + Co Pick: Wacoal Surpasses Naked Cotton Fashion Panties ($18)

4. Under the leadership of Flippy Sundress: Lecigne pointed out: “You can put on any clothes you like under a light dress. “I like to have some fun and add a low color popular boysshort, so if the wind flips Your clothes are not worried and you are covered. If you have bruises in summer when you experience wetness and high temperatures, shorts will be your best friend. Look for long and short legs and a lot of color to make them invisible below. “Brit + Co Pick: Aerie Lace Boyshort ($13)

5. Under T-shirts or T-shirts: “Under the T-shirt, everything is displayed, so your bra should fit perfectly. I like bras with a soft cup and a sleek, lightweight fabric. Make sure the back does not dig in because The narrower and narrower your bra, the more you will show through your T-shirt, “Lecigne pointed out. “On the other hand, if you think you need to tighten the straps too much, then you may not be wearing the right size. Also, make sure the cup has a round lightweight foam lining. This will give you a nice projection and Keep your assets facing north.” Brit + Co Pick: Chantelle Champs Elysees Smooth Custom Bra ($88)

7. In a halter top or hem: “There are only a few options for open back dresses or tops. Stickers can give you some lift, but make sure they are placed very well! Also, be careful because sweat and makeup can affect the glue. And make them less viscous.”Lecigne also mentioned that you should,” often checked to ensure that there will not be any allergies to the glue or silicone used in the adhesive, in the application, raised his arms to obtain Best coverage and support.If you really need bra support, you can professionally sew your strapless bra to your top or skirt.” “Brit + Co Pick: Hollywood Silicone CoverUps ($13)




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