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A TV host shared photos of pregnant lingerie and reminded women that they did not “bounce” after pregnancy

plus size bodystocking

Any mother knows that pregnancy affects your body more than nine months. But many body descriptions after pregnancy – whether in the movies or from celebrities – did not convey this truth.

The former co-host of “The Chew” Daphne Oz is a woman who is responsible for fulfilling her postpartum physical tasks. Since she gave birth to her third child in December, Ozzy has been frankly showing his body on social media and lacking a simple “rebound.”

In January, nutritionists shared an plus size bodystocking selfie on Instagram and stated that she “7 weeks post-partum, but still seems to be pregnant for three months.”

She wrote: “Without bounce, all this is up and up. “Every day has exciting moments, there are also a lot of WTFs, I especially hope that those new mothers can hear this because we see a lot of shine The mother can do it, and the real 3D life is always complicated (and better). ”

Oz emphasized that not every woman’s experience is the same.

“Get ready to be amazed at certain things and be shocked by others. Mothers are as complex and beautiful as women,” the headline wrote.

The mothers swarmed and thanked Oz for his fragility and thanked him.

“Thank you – my baby, my third child, born on the same day as you, I don’t like to look in the mirror,” wrote one person. “My husband has been telling me to take a break, but I’m glad to hear another mother in the same place.”
 plus size bodystocking

“When you see a lot of women on social media who come back after they see their baby, it’s hard, like I told my kids, try not to compare, just worry about yourself, thank you for sharing these,” wrote For another, add the tags #bekindtoyourself and #comparisonisthethiefofjoy.

Recently, three mothers wrote that she was “restarting” with her body after three months of production for Domenica Celine. She shared a similar plus size bodystocking selfie and revealed how writing a new cookbook motivated her to think critically about long-term eating habits.

She wrote: “I want to celebrate with food and still celebrate my body at the same time.” “Now, I have been preparing for a return to a slow carb life for 3 months after birth to achieve a healthy weight and a good head-to-head. Crazy, strict and simple rules break the bad eating habits so quickly. ”

Comments also supported the increased enthusiasm for sharing meal plans with ounces and the progress of her fitness journey.

“You are so inspired and thank you for being true, open and true,” one commented. “I would love to see your meal plan and understand what suits you!”

Oz, who is the boss of popular TV personality Dr. Oz, often talks about health and lifestyle topics. Obviously, she is committed to helping other women and practicing honesty in her public life.




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