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Kimberley Garner raises the temperature of a burning orange corset with a small thong while promoting her swimwear collection.

She played an actor role in Made In Chelsea, a series of structured reality in E4.

But Kimberly Ghana has proved that she has become a star with her rights because she has promoted her luxury beachwear brand Kimberly London in a series of promotions.

The 28-year-old designer kept her siren. She wore a pair of burnt orange two-piece dress with a pair of bikinis with thongs.

The television celebrity received attention when she showed off her vitality assets, the peach derriere and the middle part of the hue, while at the same time striking a striking posture in the corn field.

With the theme of landscape, the live star is decorated with a Western-style brown belt, while keeping the minimum of jewelry.

Kimberly enhances her model with hot, smoky eyes, light foundation and nude lipstick.

The blond bombs ensure that her clothes are loosely clothed and her clothes are dressed in neat appearance.

Kimberly said recently that she had been posing as an intern when she first started her business because no one took her seriously.

When the blond bomb was made in Chelsea in 2012, it became famous because of Richard Dinan’s love, but now she is known for her hot bikini shot on Instagram.

However, the heirs of the property insisted that she was not only the face of her product line, but also involved in creating all aspects of her collection of swimwear.

“I think people sometimes think I’m just a human face, but I’m responsible for everything,” she told Femail.

“When I started my first company, I was only 18 years old – I came up with an idea and persisted for a few days to learn how to register a company and teach myself. It became very successful overnight. However, at the time I was Only 18 years old, no one ever thought this was mine.

“I’m a young blond girl with a soft voice. No one will take me seriously or realize that this is my company. So, I pretend to be an intern!




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