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Jumper Threads – Multiple CityBeat Best Cincinnati Staff Picking Champions (2016 for their “underfrump” – Eliminate sweatshirts and 2017 socks) – Introducing a range of new lingerie: Super soft ProModal triangle made with antibacterial mint leaves pants. And they are actually more like panties and bikinis than panties…

Men’s and women’s underwear are made from all-natural mint fiber. According to the Jumper website, “Everyone knows that mint leaves are cool and refreshing, but this rich organic fiber also adds strength and natural deodorant properties to textiles. We have been designing, sourcing and customizing for the past 18 months. Milling ultra-soft, antimicrobial and Action Ready underwear… suitable for places that need to stay cool and refreshing.”

Jumper is a local company founded by former Army Ranger and paratrooper Daniel Redlinger and outdoor fashion designer Andrew Mallett, specializing in functional and stylish clothing; suitable for your clothes, looks good.

suit underwear

The joint venture began to use their signature sweatshirts, which will never be broken and eliminate “under-inflated”. For Redlinger, this is a personal mission. He can’t find a shirt that is kept inside and not made of cheap cotton. He founded Jumper in 2015 – the name is a tribute to his military era – and recently through the OTR launch accelerator Brandery to help his dream product realization.

Niche outdoor apparel companies have expanded into hoodies, sweatpants (the most popular sports jogger ever produced) and Jumper Labs action jackets. Where did they kill it? Accessories. In particular, their performance socks are described as “work, play, do all the socks.”

Now they are entering the latest trend: super soft underwear. Companies like MeUndies and Tommy John are actively opening up markets to millennials and others on the media platform, trying to attract casual wear audiences through the promise of comfortable underwear.

For the past 18 months, Jumper has been working on a new design that incorporates Mint Technology to provide antimicrobial protection in a comfortable Modal fabric. Pre-ordered on Kickstarter at noon on Tuesday, July 24.




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