Sometimes it is not easy to keep fresh. In the summer, the outside is so hot and sticky, you will naturally regret leaving a beautiful air-conditioned home, your underwear is very common with your body.

JUMPER Threads, a clothing company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, has developed a new type of underwear (currently seeking funding for Kickstarter) designed to keep you fresh, especially your trash and hawthorn. They asked, how did they do it? Well, the underwear is made of organic mint. Doesn’t this sound refreshing?

The company uses mint to make what they call “the freshest underwear on the planet”, a natural antibacterial (antibacterial agent) that is made through a special blend of mint fabric, ProModal and elastic fabric. Promodal is a combination of Modal and Tencel, made of birch and eucalyptus. Modal is responsible for the soft texture of the underwear, while Tencel provides absorption.

“Our quest began 18 months ago when a textile mill supplied yarn made from mint fiber,” said JUMPER Threads co-founder Daniel Redlinger. “We think this is perfect for underwear because it has antibacterial properties, so we started to develop a custom blend that has the touch and feel that everyone would like. After a year and a half, we found the result.”

Peppermint fibers are formed when menthol and other active ingredients are removed from the natural leaves by vigorous wet spinning. Once the fibers are dried, they are then spun into yarns that are combined with other materials to create a highly absorbent and fresh undergarment that is known as “smooth, silky, elastic.” In order to maintain its antibacterial rate of more than 90%, the company ensures that the mint fiber is more than 30% in the total mixture. In addition, JUMPER’s underwear uses 35% mint, 60% ProModal and 5% elastin.

“Mint fiber is an organic and rich fiber,” Redlinger said. “It is also a natural anti-odor, or a natural ‘odor blocker’. As for safety, of course, all active ingredients such as menthol are treated.”

The end result is a pair of underwear, said to be soft to the touch, light and ventilated, strong, absorbent, absorbs any moisture, and keeps you fresh all day long. Because of the mint, the underwear also has an antibacterial effect, so it can naturally resist the thiol alcohol molecules, which is the cause of the body odor caused by sweat.

“[No] add any chemicals, they are absolutely natural and environmentally friendly,” Redlinger said.

At the same time, JUMPER Threads plans to expand their product line in the near future to incorporate mint technology into more apparel products such as undershirts and socks.

“Mint is something we think can fit into all the styles of clothing. We are currently modifying the blend of our undershirts and making practical socks with mint yarn,” Redlinger said.

At the same time, the active gear company returned to Kickstarter to fund their mint underwear campaign after success with Action Jacket last year.

“Kickstarter is a great platform for building products for everyone,” Redlinger said. “Although we have been developing underwear for more than a year, Kickstarter allows us to share our information and collect feedback. We have good followers in the last two projects, and our supporters remain loyal. With such a big idea We want to share every step of the final production of underwear.”

Keep in mind that the JUMPER Threads Peppermint Tech underwear is still a prototype until it is in the hands of consumers. But even if it has exceeded its $30,000 goal, you can still support Kickstarter activities for just $1.

In addition, the event has some early specials starting at $16 or more, which is $2 less than the retail price. In the entry level suit, you will receive a pair of women’s grey mint underwear (bikini style), or you can promise $54 or more, retail price of $30, men’s three pairs of mint underwear (boxer underwear) classic or bold colors. Unfortunately, the early bird specials for a pair of men’s underwear disappeared.




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