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Underwear should be decent and cautious, please don’t mtumba!

Last week, I stumbled across some stories about used mitumba underwear. According to this story, the sale of mitumba underwear is illegal – but according to what I saw on the hood, the trade of mitumba underwear is alive. Imagine wearing other people’s underwear (especially those that cover the lower part of the anatomy) can be a bit painful and disturbing.

However, a stretched wallet can lead people to fear beyond the wearing of other people’s underwear. This story reminds me of underwear problems in this area.

Many people think that everything should not be discussed, and underwear should be kept – but according to my observation, the main underwear crime we bear is not just buying second-hand underwear.

One of the most special habits we see when buying underwear is the size problem. Most people do as much as they do for accurate measurements of key body parts. Women are particularly notorious when buying bras – some people appear to be unfamiliar with cup size, chest area and sagging factors.

For those who choose smaller sizes, the results are often very disturbing – because we all see poor mothers being crushed into helpless sausage-like structures. In many cases, these poor body parts seem to be making a cry for a small device brought to their owner. Then you have those women who don’t realize that their talent size needs better support to eliminate the interesting shaking and sagging.

In front of a well-dressed, well-dressed woman, she was distracted by seeing her chest facing the center of the earth, which was painful – only because she chose to wear the wrong bra.

All women need to wear the right bra size to get all the blessings and restrictions on the chest – anything else violates the aesthetic rights of others. There are many people who like to question the idea that underwear should remain under a clear line of sight.

These people come in all shapes and sizes, starting with women who like to make sure we see how good (or how bad) their thongs look in the rift at their bottom. What they don’t know is that no matter how beautiful its owner, you can see the rope or thong clipped between a leather. It is perfectly acceptable to make the object of your desire a visual sample of the upcoming good thing – but I don’t think there is any reason why the whole world should know what private performance should be.

Many of us can tolerate seeing women’s underwear in some way, but it is very serious to see male underwear unnecessarily. Most male underwear is fully functional, lacking the lace and ruffles of women’s underwear. Therefore, men have no convincing reason to allow their trousers to hang down to the knees, hoping that some women will feel dizzy when they see their underwear. The only people who can show us their underwear as needed are hip-hop stars, just because they have paid a lot of money to do so, and most of them are so good that they let us forget their pants. Therefore, men who do not fall into this category should completely hide their clothes and not be targeted by the public.

If I don’t talk about cycling shorts, I will hurt this country, which is the most annoying female underwear we see in this world. Cycling shorts have become the mainstay of Kenyan women’s underwear for those who don’t know. I told me reliably that the purpose of cycling shorts is to reduce the circumference, make the panties disappear, and usually make women look more beautiful. In many cases, women choose the wrong size (always smaller size) and hope that cycling shorts will mysteriously let them lose weight. The end result is that all the defects in the female body become more prominent – especially fat and cellulite. Some women do not understand that certain fabrics do not respond well to certain cycling materials.

So when the fabric of their dress meets the fabric of cycling shorts – it will eventually become chaotic – a very scary website. Who in the world can help us understand why some women insist that the world know the color and length of bicycle shorts. Even before we understand that cycling shorts are the fastest and most effective libido killer on earth. Not only do they make women’s bodies look bad, but they also make women’s pleasures completely inaccessible, not to mention the suffocating conditions that the poor must endure when the cycling shorts are held hostage.

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The Maine police allegedly found $1,900 in men’s underwear accusing him of drug trafficking.

A New York man was arrested in Kennebunk on Wednesday night and accused of selling cocaine and heroin at Biddeford, Saco and Kennebunk.

Maine Police Department spokesman Stephen McCawslan said the 31-year-old Reginald Lewis from the Bronx has been under investigation since this summer. McCausland said drug agents were buying secret items from Lewis.

Lewis was allegedly named after the street name “Uno” and was arrested at the Kennebunk Motel in the Maine Police Department with the assistance of the Kennebunk police. The drug agent said he recently moved from Biddeford to there.

Agents allegedly seized 26 grams of cocaine base, 7.5 grams of suspected heroin and nearly $1,900 in cash, and McCausland said the agents were located in Lewis’ underwear.

McCausland said that Lewis was accused of serious drug trafficking charges from Biddeford’s investigation, and Kennebunk’s drug sales will have a second allegation.

McCawslan said that Lewis was detained in the $25,000 bail of Yorkshire Prison.

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Farmers in southern Minnesota test soil health with buried underwear

All the contents of Eric and Amanda Watson buried in one of the fields in the Harness briefing this summer are belts.

They joined several farmers in southern Minnesota and found a creative way to test their soil health: in July, they burrowed holes in corn and soybean fields, put on cotton underwear, and a few months later Check to see if the briefs are broken down.

The farmers who joined the program called “soil your internal organs” and gathered on a piece of land in Faribo County on Monday to share their results.

Burying underwear in the field is not a scientific test of soil health and is not always effective. Most of the events on Monday focused on other signs of soil health, such as evidence of worm activity. But farmers have found that burying underwear is an interesting way to raise awareness of the importance of soil health.

Volsens planted corn and soybeans near Walters, Minnesota, proudly smeared the remains of lingerie on a bright yellow plate with a plexiglass cover and marked them in underground farming: no-till for five years.

Most Minnesota farmers in southern Minnesota still cultivate fields, tearing the soil after harvest in the fall and before the snow flies, leaving a dark landscape without plant debris.

“The darker the better, that is, I have been told,” Eric Watson said.

But a campaign in the soil health community has shown that farming is unnecessary – actually making the soil less healthy.

Walson also planted crops for three years in the field, burying the disintegrated underwear. Cover crops – such as ryegrass and clover planted with cash crops such as corn and soybeans – have attracted attention because they increase the amount of plants and organisms grown in the soil and increase nutrition. They also remain intact and protect it from erosion.

Volsens and their four children buried cotton underwear in other areas where they used other practices. They want to see if the protective measures really help their soil to break down the underwear faster.

result? In the traditional field – the land without crops and the place where the soil has been cultivated for many years – the buried briefs are almost completely intact, although they stayed underground for two months.

“This comparison makes me very happy,” Eric Watson said.

Volsens has two underwears in the underwear show. They concluded that planting cover crops requires extra effort, and skipping farming can provide multiple benefits – healthy soil, less labor and less fuel costs.

“I am really happy to see that he is practicing to see the results,” said Amanda Watson.

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KNIX is really listening to how you hate your underwear.

In the 100,000 years of the existence of biological “modern” human females, sports bras exist only in 45 of them. In 1977, a graduate student named Lisa Lindahl collaborated with theatre fashion designer Polly Smith to invent the first ordinary sports bra. Initially, they called it “jockbra” because it was like this: a bra was fastened from two jockstraps stitched together.

Playtex acquired the company in 1990 (later renamed “Jogbra”). Years of research followed by Dr. Christine Haycock, associate professor of surgery at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey. When this category really took off, it was not even 30 years ago.

“Now, the brand has been democratized, you can let women take the helm, make decisions, and take charge of the entire project. This will bring more innovation,” said Joanna Griffiths, founder and CEO of Knix, a direct-to-consumer lingerie apparel brand. Said. . “But for a long time, it was just ignored. As long as everyone makes the same bad product, no one really has to strengthen their game.”
Like Lindel, Griffith came up with his own business model during his graduate school and earned an MBA from a university outside Paris. Initially, Griffith was eager to run his own media company. But her trajectory has changed. In a poor conversation with friends, Knix, a women-focused, consumer-centric, research-led lingerie company, has become a reality for wine. Griffith ran with it.

“I don’t have a clothing background. I have never owned my own company before. I may be the most unqualified person on the planet,” she said in a hometown call in Toronto. “What I did was seriousness and serious enthusiasm for women, changing women’s feelings about themselves and their feelings about themselves.”

Griffith spent a year investing a lot of work at the business school: doing research, interviewing hundreds of women, and finally combining the prototypes. It was at these early stages that she found that women had two primary problems with the underwear market: one was that most products were either extremely functional or very sexy. The other is less obvious: to be honest, the news is disturbing.

Griffith said: “The brand at the time made women, including myself, feel very bad about themselves and our bodies.” She wanted to reinvent the wheel. “Our goal is to be a brand that truly represents women, to communicate with women, to see us as smart, smart, and diverse, and we are like this.”

In our interviews, I usually ask how the company achieves this financially. But Knix’s story has made headlines: In order to launch the brand in 2013, it launched a successful crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter and launched another one two years later. The latter raised nearly $2 million in pre-sales; demand was so alarming that Knix turned its strategy from a wholesale-focused business to a direct-to-consumer business. (It is still the most funded woman to date and the fashion-friendly Kickstarter.) In 2017, Griffith rejected the investor’s terms list, so she can continue to grow her business according to her own conditions.

“The many choices I made for Knix, especially the continuous, conscious choice of working with clients, listening to women, and making what they want us to make, always come from facts that I don’t like. I have a costume back. Jing, I never thought I knew all the answers,” Griffith said. Through crowdfunding, even if they only contribute $1, customers can invest as shareholders in financial and emotional terms.

Knix’s products help solve real-life problems – or difficult, universal and patriarchal “out of date” issues that are rarely addressed by companies that are run by male-run women. The best example is Knix’s leak-proof underwear, which is the first product launched by the brand in 2013.

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Are you ready to return to the powerful truth? Gucci is definitely

Tighty-whities are male equivalent to grandma panties. These underwears are usually five-piece suits. Tossable. not special. “Bleh.” They were crumpled at the bottom of the basket; between the headboards. They must be a far cry from the pumping elastic boxer briefs or the loose boxers usually found in the high school locker room after football training. A forum called the short film “Upgrading from diapers.” However, nervous things are making a comeback. Just yesterday, underwear appeared on the Gucci Spring 2019 T-stage, printed with the classic letter combination print of the house – not to mention the red seams to outline a vertical flying bag. Other variations of the theme include a black codpiece-cup and a pair of red leather hot pants, all with pale, furry limbs. The pelvic area is further highlighted on a pair of trousers with a green contoured V-shaped silhouette.

This trend indicates that Gucci will undergo major changes. Since last month, when Kim Kardashian West wore an unforgettable Gucci swimsuit from the Tom Ford era in the spring of 1997, the Internet was awkward. , double G metal badge climbed up on her back. When the famous thong appears on the runway for the first time, both women and men can see it. It seems that the sexiest person sees a man walking on the runway like a brazen gunman. Followed by a pair of men’s trousers wearing such tights.

After more than 20 years, the masculine baby is a distant memory. The news of the brand’s current creative director, Alessandro Michel, is loud and clear: his “big” version tends to be a nerd prototype of loose underwear, a Where’s Waldo? Striped sweater, white socks pulled up, and boots for the church.

In other words, underwear is not the most beautiful thing in the world. The annoying connotation is undeniable. Tighty-whities is reminiscent of Walter White, the chemistry teacher who became the agent of Breaking Bad by Bryan Cranston. When he was wearing a pair of drug lords, he had a desert confrontation with a drug lord. According to executive producer Vince Gilligan, the dress decided to come from Cranston himself: “It should be tights, not jockey underwear, because they look stupid, he [White] looks easier Wear them.”

It’s undeniable that the visual effect is just as impossible as the storyline: a 50-year-old dad blocks it with inappropriate underwear. The role of Tom Cruise in risky business is reminiscent of another unforgettable example. The stupid teenager danced alone in his mother’s underwear after his parents went home alone for the first time on a weekend. This is a scene of more than just a boy – not a man, completely hidden in a pair of bleached underwear.

In many ways, those awkward film movements will only make the revenge of this trend more sweet and subversive. Vogue fashion news editor Monica King said: “Tighty-whities have become so cold, linked to unfortunate losers, properly and distorted them until they get cool again, it’s fun,” I also I think I am starting to reconsider this nervous mood. For the men’s wear in the fall of 2018, Kozaburo pulled them to an ultra-high position in an exaggerated way. “Think about it, crazy and charming cowboy.

When you think we are in a time when the moderate Batsheva grassland costumes are all the rage, then a nervous return makes more sense. These days, all the things covered up can be completely attractive. In this case, the underwear is provocative due to its undisguised proportion of out-of-date. No matter which method you choose, packaging it, one thing is clear: the man’s high fashion tights still exist.

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Holly Willoughby and Emma Willis surprise in underwear shooting – see young photos

You will never guess that Holly Willoughby, Emma Willis, Tess Daly and Arnold Schwarzenegger have something in common… they are all Argos models! That’s right, these very famous faces are adding to the pages of the catalogue before they meet important moments. The discovery of some photos can be traced back nearly 40 years ago, long before celebrities became their current household names.

Before Holly showed up to millions of people this morning, she was shaping underwear for Argos. In the old photos that have reappeared, the lock of the blond blockbuster is obviously dimmed, but the host’s smile has not changed. These photos were taken in the early 00s and include a super stuffy black and white lens and show two lace bras for Holly sports. During the day, the TV presenter should have been in her early twenties, and we think she looks great!

The Queen of the primetime TV show Emma Willis also appeared in the catalogue, featuring glamorous lingerie shots. These photos show that she has been using the short lock for a long time because she has made a name for the famous underwear brand Gossard. Emma, ​​now 42 years old, was in her early twenties and promoted the Gossard Ultrabra.

Another famous TV presenter also made a huge breakthrough through the model, Tics Daly of Strictly Come Dancing! The famous host continued to run for the big brands such as Pandora and Special K today, but she also started on the Argos website. Tess appeared in the Argos Additions catalog in the early 00s, where she formed a variety of sweet appearances. The 49-year-old child was already 30 years old, and it seems that she is not aging all day.

The list of high-profile celebrities doesn’t stop there; babes Emma Bunton and radio host Lisa Snowdon also appeared. Lisa appeared several times in the Argos Additions catalogue in the late ’90s and early 00s, wearing a striking python print jacket and a vibrant hot pink version. But the best photo must be Baby Spice, as a real baby! A few years before she became one of the world’s largest women’s bands, four-year-old Emma Bunton appeared in the 1980 catalogue, promoting the Slumberdown King Size Quilt.

The British retailer said that they are happy to find hidden gems and said: “Who knows that the Argos catalogue will become a member of the British and international celebrities! See so many famous faces in the year.”

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Home security video showing repairman checking children’s underwear

A video from a home security camera showed that two young girls’ Playa Vista parents, Jason Cooper, were shocked.

A repairman had signed a contract to repair the scratches on the floor and saw the dirty clothes in the children’s bedroom.

“I saw him put his hands in their baskets and picked up their clothes. Once I saw him put things in his pocket in the video. It looks like this is my daughter’s underwear,” Jason Cooper said.

The repairman walked back and forth from his work area to the other side of the room, where there was a basket. Cooper said the activity became more suspicious when the worker turned away from the camera and lifted his clothes to his face.

“You see him turning around and putting the underwear in the basket. You will see his last big breath before he can do this.”

Cooper and his family just moved into the house. The security camera is activated one hour before the worker arrives. The worker signed a contract with the moving company to repair any floor or furniture damaged in the move.

Witnesses’ news tried to contact workers. So far, we have not received a response. But Cooper arrived at him and discussed the video with him.

“He tried to say something, but to be honest, I don’t want to hear what he said. I don’t care what he said,” Cooper said.

Cooper submitted a report to the Los Angeles Police Department. In addition to stealing an underwear, it is uncertain whether or not to commit any crime. If workers have a criminal record, it is more important to Cooper.

Particularly disturbing is that Cooper is at home when the repairman is working. A few steps away, there is no war.

“From now on, I can tell you that my wife and I will never let anyone enter the house without us standing by them until they leave.”

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Underwear banner: Kavanaugh time photos show DKE hijinks

In a letter to the leader of the Senate Judiciary Committee on August 30, the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh ’87 LAW ’90 female university student confirmed the judge’s respect for women and praised her character at Yale University and the woman. Support for athletics.

But in the first year of college, Kavanaugh joined a group that was notorious for not respecting women: the campus branch of the Delta Kappa Epsilon Brotherhood.

A photo from the Yale Daily News on January 18, 1985 shows that Kavanaugh’s brotherhood brothers waved a flag made of women’s underwear as part of the DKE team’s parade through the Yale campus. Kavanaugh did not appear in the photo. However, since California psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford tried to sexually assault her explosive allegations in a high school party nearly 40 years ago, the subsequent portrait of disrespect for women seems to It is worth noting.

In the 1985 photo, DKE promised – “known as ‘buttholes’,” according to the title – waving flags of underwear and blowing cowhide when marching outside the Woodbridge Hall at Yale University Central Administration Building. At that time, the university president Bartlett Giamatti himself was also a former DKE brother.

Although today’s flag looks shocking, this photo appeared under the heading “DKE AT PLAY” in 1985. In this case, Kavanaugh — not in the photo — is a sophomore and has been elected to the Brotherhood.

Three days later, Yale University student Rachel Eisler wrote in a letter to the editor of the news that DKE’s vow was “demeaning women”. She wrote that she received one of the promises with a flag and asked if there were any briefings. Or stick jockstraps on the pole. “Well, I didn’t succeed,” the letter responded. Then he said that he suspected that any “man’s stuff” would be woven into a banner.

According to the letter, he said to the female student: “But, hey,” “‘Your underwear may be here!”

Steve Gallo ’88, a member of DKE’s 1985 commitment class, said on Wednesday that the banner “is just someone’s stupid idea” and underwear is “both sides agree.”

During the Brotherhood’s Commitment Week, he recalled that the seniors of the Brotherhood would send new employees “to talk to Ms. Yale on their behalf.” He said that occasionally, the DKE Brothers sent new people to participate in the “scavenger hunting” event. . Find specific items on campus.

“Promise may ask women they know for help – or maybe the one who sent them knows – to complete the items on the list,” Gallo said. “I am almost certain that any women’s underwear will come from… Women know that they are willing to donate at will.”

But when commenting on the YaleWomen Facebook page, Kavanaugh’s classmate Jennifer Lew ’87 recalls that the DKE Brothers searched women’s rooms in the classroom to collect underwear. Another alumnus, Julie Klein ’87, described DKE as “Animal House.”

In addition to DKE, Kavanaugh is also a truth and courage, one of Yale’s secret society for the elderly. Among some students, the all-men’s club, popular with athletes, is known for its nickname “Tit and Clit.”

In early 2010, truth and courage failed. But since Kavanaugh graduated in 1987, DKE’s reputation for abusing women at Yale has only grown. In 2011, Yale University banned DKE from going on campus for five years. Later, at the entrance of the University Women’s Center, the “Brothers of the Brothers” was broadcast, shouting “Never, it means anus.”

This spring, Yale University’s daily news and business insiders reported on sexual assault charges against more than 60 members, including the former president of the Brotherhood, and the university conducted a survey of the climate of the Brotherhood.

Kavanaugh didn’t seem to be talking about his time at DKE. But in a speech at the 2014 Federalist Association of Yale Law School, he described “falling at the steps in front of Yale Law School at around 4:45 am” and jumping through a night bar in Boston. After that, part of the transcripts based on the speeches given by Jones’ mother.

Not everyone in Yale University in the 1980s remembered that DKE was wild and disgusted with women. Sam Chauncey ’57, who has long served as president of Yale University, said this summer that “in the Kavanaugh era, DKE was very docile.”

But “taming” was not the idea that Eisler saw the DKE flag in 1985.

“I was totally shocked that something similar happened at Yale,” Eisler recalls, writing to the editor and now working as a high school English teacher in Maryland.

She said: “Even if I describe them talking to them, I am out of incredible demands.”

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Victoria’s Secret sells women’s underwear, but has been marketing to men

Victoria’s Secret sells women’s underwear, but the target demographic for its marketing is men.

The L Brands Inc. LB, +3.97% lingerie chain has faced a host of problems in recent quarters that are affecting sales and same-store sales. It’s also facing increased competition from large companies like American Eagle Outfitters Inc.’s AEO, +0.00% Aerie brand and Urban Outfitters Inc. URBN, +1.14% , and changing tastes, with bralettes coming into fashion.

In recent weeks, L Brands has cut its full-year guidance and has announced that it will shutter its luxury department store chain, Henri Bendel, including the website.

MarketWatch reached out to L Brands for comment, and will update this story with any response.

Shares are down nearly 51% for the year so far while the SPDR S&P Retail ETF XRT, +0.37% has gained 13.8%, the Amplify Online Retail ETF IBUY, +0.79% has gained 29.6%, and the S&P 500 index SPX, +0.54% has rallied 8.6%.

Executives from online women’s underwear sellers that MarketWatch spoke with say they are finding success and snapping up share with a different approach: offering women product benefits and marketing messages that have been part of the men’s underwear business for ages. Comfort and performance are at the heart of what these companies are selling, and the message resonates with modern, busy women of all shapes and sizes.

Younger women, they say, are opening the door to this new way of selling women’s underwear.

“When you look at Victoria’s Secret marketing, they continue to do the runway show,” said Catalina Girald, founder of Naja, a socially-conscious lingerie brand aimed at millennials. The Victoria’s Secret Runway Show used to be marketing gold for the brand. Lately, ratings have slipped.

“That’s not what the customer wants to see,” said Girald. “If you go back, underwear was a functional garment. It was meant to hold you up. It wasn’t meant to be a sexual thing.”

Naja is one of a number of women’s underwear brands that have launched in recent years. It shares a few features with other companies that have popped up: they are run by women (L Brands’ CEO is a man, Leslie Wexner), they emphasize inclusion in their sizing and marketing, and they treat women’s underwear as a personal, everyday fashion issue rather than just a tool of seduction.

Girald says “performance-oriented” items made with cotton and synthetic fibers are on-trend as they provide sweat-wicking and structure without the use of underwires.

“We’ve seen a sharp drop in thong sales,” she said, noting that they’re worn to eliminate panty lines, but also because they’re sexy. “We’ve taken them off the site. What most women want today is comfort.”

Trend experts at WGSN back up what Girald and others in the industry are saying. They identify two key movements impacting the lingerie business: comfort and body positivity.

“Comfort has become an integral element of lingerie design,” said Jo Lynch, lingerie editor at WGSN. “Soft bralettes and sports inspired bras continue to grow in popularity and consumers have become more conscious of the restrictive feel of underwires, padding and structured silhouettes.”

And one need only look at the recent Savage X Fenty runway show during New York Fashion Week to see just how far the body-positive movement has come. Launched by pop singer Rihanna, the show featured two pregnant models and was cheered on social media.

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Charge: The man broke into the house and stole the lady’s bra, underwear

long sleeve tops womens

A Lichfield man was guilty of felony burglary after being caught by a camera stealing underwear from a woman’s laundry room.

According to a criminal lawsuit filed in Mick County, 65-year-old Wayne Scott Christie was accused of breaking into a woman’s home in the 700th block of North Marshall Street in Lichfield, stealing a pair of underwear and a bra and then returning it.

The homeowner seized the security camera and told the police that she left the town on July 27 to go camping and returned on July 29. She reviewed her surveillance video and saw unwelcome men entering her home twice.

According to the complaint, this shot shows that Christie’s entered her home on July 28 and then left before noon. On the same day, he came back at about 1:51 am, went back to the laundry room, and left the house in a minute.

For the first time, he wore a dark shirt with “shiny shorts” and a second shirt with the same shorts for the second time.
It is unclear what he did to the bra and underwear when he died, but the woman provided the stolen clothes as evidence to the police.

Christie faces accusations of secondary burglary, felony and misdemeanor theft.