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Trans women want to invest £2,000 in their own money to fund trans friendly underwear


The lady asked to be called a bee, the original purpose was to find the right underwear for herself.

But considering this idea, she realized that this product would benefit thousands of transgender women.

Now she is expanding her goals and hopes to find a designer and manufacturer.
Like many other transgender women, the bee decided not to undergo gender affirmative surgery and has been wearing women’s clothing – including underwear – for ten years.
However, she found that for off-the-shelf underwear, “collapse” her genitals is not always feasible or comfortable.
Many transsexual women rely on folds to help them wear the clothes they need and feel the gender affirmation as much as possible. If done properly, wrinkles are safe, but sometimes they feel uncomfortable and cause skin infections and urinary tract infections.

That’s why Bee calls for a need to focus on a new type of underwear specifically for transgender women.

Trans women want to invest £2,000 in their own money to fund trans friendly underwear | Uncategorized

Kathryn Hahn’s rescue dog Banjo has three “abdominal surgeries” for eating children’s underwear.

suit underwear

Katherine Hahn was packed with people in 2018! The Bad Moms actress pays tribute to Us Weekly and tells her the random habits of family pets, which has made him a veterinarian several times this year.

Hollywood’s favorite pet
“I made my [children] a rescue dog named Banjo, who loved him very much,” said 45-year-old Hahn, who paid tribute to us at the Gotham Awards Ceremony in New York City on Monday, November 26.

“He gave us a lot of happiness,” my wish author continued. “Although he has not had three abdominal surgeries so far.”

Real TV’s most popular pets
As for what Hahn can buy with all the money spent on the veterinary bill in 2018? “This is a good piece of jewelry,” she said to us jokingly.

Celebrity pets and social media accounts
Hahn – his son, 12-year-old Leonard and 9-year-old daughter, Mae, husband Ethan Sandler – opened up her family life in an interview with Parade last month.

“I live a very normal life. I have lovely children and a forever husband and two dogs and a rabbit. Now it is a hamster. We are becoming an animal hoarder,” she said the publication in October. Say. “So I have a rich and creative life, but I also have a normal life, and I have been able to maintain the independence and holiness of the two.”

The Illinois native added: “I don’t do social media either. In the summer, I invited my daughter to the premiere of Transylvania Hotel 3. We have a ball, this is a very good movie, but I think that is our first and last time.”

Trans women want to invest £2,000 in their own money to fund trans friendly underwear | Uncategorized

Customs officials found cocaine in the underwear and luggage of JetBlue passengers

Two JetBlue passengers from the Dominican Republic to Boston were found to have cocaine in their luggage and in their pants and underwear.

US Customs and Border Protection officials made a discovery at Logan Airport on Saturday.

Federal investigators say the two passengers tried to smuggle more than half a kilogram of cocaine into the country.

Federal agencies said the police found what they said suspicious passengers took a JetBlue flight from San Diego.

Passengers confirmed to be 47-year-old Vincent Antonio Jimenez Sanchez were sent to a secondary inspection, and customs officials said the search found two packages containing cocaine sewn in his underwear. .

When the officer searched his baggage, they found an extra cocaine package hidden in the rails of the trunk.

Customs officials said the 53-year-old Nelly Diaz de Jimenez’s associates also found cocaine in her pants.

According to the US Customs and Border Protection, the total weight of multi-package cocaine is 770 grams, including the weight of the bundled tape.

The police seized the drug and handed two passengers to the Massachusetts Police Department to face the crime of drug trafficking.

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Cardi B Shows Off Incredibly Toned Abs In Nothing But A Bra & Underwear 3 Months After Giving Birth

Cardi B took to Instagram on Nov. 23 to flaunt her amazing post-baby body in a sexy black bra and panties for a video promoting a weight loss drink company.

Cardi B, 26, just gave birth to her first child, Kulture three months ago but you would never know it from her latest Instagram video! The rapper took to the social media site to post a clip of herself showing off her toned abs in nothing but a black bra and panties and we have to admit that we are definitely impressed!

In the video, which was an ad for weight loss drink called Teami Blends, Cardi can be seen holding the drink and talking about how it helped curb her appetite when she was getting back into shape. She also talked about how she’s become skinnier than she wanted but admitted she had no work done. She said she did not “have lyposuction” and “worked hard” to get her “stripper body.”

That body gave Cardi the opportunity to partner with Teami and she seems very happy to do so. “The BEST f*ckingggg black friday deal. If you spend you $$$ on ANYTHING it better be Teami,” Cardi captioned the video. “Thankful to be a #teamipartner and getting this momma bear bod right!!

Although Cardi also admitted in the video that she lost a little more weight than she wanted, she hasn’t been shy about revealing her hot bod whenever she can. The new mom recently posed topless in front of a dancing pole for an Instagram video and it just added to the proof that she’s still sexy and definitely knows how to work it!

We can’t wait to see more pics of Cardi spotlighting her body confidence! She has been inspiring many of her fans to be comfortable in their own skin and we’re thrilled for her!

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Prison visitors conceal drugs from underwear

A Pasay City prison visitor was arrested on Wednesday afternoon when he tried to sneak into the illegal drugs he was hiding in his underwear.

police. Pasay City Warden Joe Jay Arejola identified the suspect as 31-year-old Jonathan Roxas, a Grab driver and resident of Maginhawa Street in Pas.

According to the police report, prison officer 1 Brel Gosimat could feel that the contents of Roxas pants were difficult to be stuffed during the body swimming around 4:10 pm.

Gosimat asked the suspect to bring it out.

Roxas initially hesitated, but later he took out 40 grams of a $2 million shabu-shabu and a high-grade hemp plastic bag called “Kush” from his underwear, and he planned to bring him to jail.

The investigation revealed that the suspect should visit one of Noah Rodriguez and Patrick Rojas, who were all detained in the dormitory on the 8th because of illegal drugs.

Rojas told reporters that he urgently needs cash and only agrees to exchange illegal drugs for P10,000.

The police said that these illegal drugs should have been sold in prisons at twice or even three times the original price.

In a follow-up operation, the anti-drug police confiscated more illegal drugs inside the orange Toyota Vios parked near the Pasay City Hall, which Rojas used as a grab driver.

Three heat-sealed clear plastic bag crucibles and two small heat-sealed clear plastic bags were found inside the car, dry cannabis leaves worth P3,000, and a .9 mm pistol.

Police records show that the suspect was arrested for illegal drugs in 2016 but was subsequently released on bail.

They further learned that the suspect was a known drug courier.

police. Arejola said they will conduct further investigations to find out if the suspect has other associates in the Pasay City Prison.

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“I am shocked, this is still happening” – The mother of a teenage rape victim committed suicide after being forced to lift her underwear in court

 suit underwear

A mother of a Scottish teenage rape victim was forced to suspend her underwear in court and committed suicide. She said she was “shocked” by the recent case of the country that caused widespread protests.

Women in Ireland and around the world shared their underwear pictures on Twitter under the label #ThisIsNotConsent, in a case of Cork, a senior defense lawyer used a underwear that the alleged rape victim chose – in this case The next is a thong – arguing that she agreed to make love.

The case had some similarities to a 2002 Scottish trial when a 15-year-old boy was found guilty of rape of Lindsay Armstrong (17).

Lindsay committed suicide two weeks after the trial ended.

During the trial, the 17-year-old boy was asked to lift her thong and read the slogan “Little Devil” in front.

Her mother, Linda Armstrong, said she thought her teenage daughter’s experience with underwear would no longer happen.

“I was shocked that this kind of thing is still used as evidence.

“When a friend sent the story to me, I learned about the case. It brought all the bad memories.

Ms. Armstrong said: “I just think I can’t believe they are still mentioning it.”

Lindsay Armstrong was raped in a park near her home in September 2001, when her attacker was 14 years old. He was sentenced to four years in prison after the second year of trial.

Lindsay’s mother is from Ayrshire. She said that she appreciates the complainant in the Cork trial and does not have to pull her underwear like her daughter. However, the connection between underwear and consent is similar.

“Lindsay was forced to lift her underwear three times,” she said.

“She once said that he had taken off her underwear instead of literally tearing. She just meant that he pulled it off her.

“They said she had to hold up her thong to prove that her underwear didn’t tear, to prove she was a liar.

“But when Lindsay picked them up, she said she barely recognized them because they were covered by the incisions taken by the DNA samples. So it didn’t really prove that they were not torn because they had been damaged.

“She is very embarrassed, she cried, she put them down. Then tell her to pick them up again.

“After that he [defense lawyer] told her to pick them up again and read what was written before. It has nothing to do with whether they were torn.”

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Ms. Armstrong said that Cork’s case gained momentum around the world.

Yesterday in Dublin, Stacie Ellen Murphy stood in her underwear and held her own protest outside the Criminal Justice Court.

The notes written on her skin include “This is not consent”, “disagree” and “I am not asking for it”.

After the rape survivor Leona O’Callaghan appeared in court, she was strongly influenced by the victim and told her rapist that “you did not win” and she was warmly welcomed.

Fox News, The New York Times, Time Magazine, Sky News, CNN and the BBC are among the international news agencies that reported protests after the rape trial in Cork earlier this month.

“The lawyer in the rape trial is associated with consent, and the outbreak in Ireland” is a title in the “New York Times.”

Last week, TD Ruth Coppinger raised a thong in Dáil while discussing the case, and the clip became viral.

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Where is the Baroness Bra? Underwear tycoon and Tory companion only made three times in the House of Lords in three years – although vowed to be active

The noble promise of underwear tycoon Michelle Mone adds a touch of charm to the House of Lords.

After being appointed in 2015, she promised to play a “full and active” role.

But last night, the Baroness Bra – David Cameron made her known as a Conservative companion – and was called “shame” since she only participated in 12% of the House of Lords last June.

The 47-year-old established the Ultimo lingerie empire, and after she missed the key debate on vacation, she faced doubts about her commitment.

Since the House of Lords entered the House of Representatives, there have been 457 rest days in the House of Representatives. She has participated in 89 times every ten working days – less than twice.

From June to December last year, she participated in five days in a possible 74 days and spoke three times in the House of Lords, including her first speech.

But she often travels the world, speaks at business summits, and occasionally uses her title, Baroness Mone from Mayfair OBE.

Her title also appeared in the literary works of the venture capital firm she established with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Last week, she flew to the Maldives to promote a luxury villa to her Twitter and Instagram fans, losing key debates on Monday and Wednesday due to anti-terrorism and border security issues.

After accepting the “Daily Mail” contact, she released a photo of her “destined romance” Maldives break on Saturday, but she said she will attend the House of Lords today.

Baroness Mone, the baroness of the billionaire businessman Doug Barrowman, who was living on the Isle of Man, was also criticized for claiming a maximum of £300 in the House of Lords attendance allowance per day. Members can apply for the full amount – now £305, less than £153 or not at all. Travel expenses are claimed separately.

But in the first five months of this year, she received more than £3,000 in taxpayer funds for 11 appearances by taxpayers. Rich peers like Apprentice star Baroness Brady did not apply for a grant.

In March, the House of Lords spent eight days relegating legislation around the EU to discuss the issue of domestic violence and marking International Women’s Day, which she did not appear once.

Instead, she was paid to speak at a family conference and business summit in the UK and a forum in Dubai.

On the day of the debate on the cancellation of unpaid work experience, she seems to be on vacation in the Caribbean.

When she read the EU exit bill in January, she sent a tweet about leaving the conference room to sell jewelry on the TV shopping channel.

MSP Rona Mackay said: “Frankly, Michelle Mone is a shame.

“She is obviously not interested in politics… but she has always been interested in self-promotion. It seems that she is using her own title to promote business interests. If she has a good faith, she should resign and stop plundering.

The Electoral Reform Association’s Willie Sullivan said: “The House of Lords is a continuing shameful home. The Prime Minister rewards cronies by giving them a part-time job of £300 a day. For some, it looks like a business opportunity.

A spokeswoman for the Baroness Mone said she donated her attendance allowance to the charity and was proud to be a member of the House of Lords. She added: “She is also a full-time businesswoman and a wholehearted mother. She does everything. Work hard to participate.

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Nina Agdal sparkles her bodybuilder’s abdominal muscles in a sports bra with orange tights and jacket while walking with her boyfriend Jack Brinkley-Cook.


On Wednesday night, she wore a gorgeous one-shoulder dress for Manolo Blahnik in New York City.

Two days later, Nina Agdal accidentally went out while walking with her boyfriend Jack Brinkley Cook.

This 26-year-old model wears a black sports bra with orange leggings and a short fluffy jacket.

This model features a high-waisted spandex cuff in orange tones and details along the thighs and calves.

Nina added a coordinated fluffy jacket, bruised in her abdomen, and added a black openwork sports bra.

She wore black and white sneakers, with small frame sunglasses, and her blonde hair was loose next to her.

Nina keeps her makeup to a minimum and chooses to show her amazing natural beauty.

Her 23-year-old handsome boyfriend wore black trousers with a blazer and a white shirt; in the cover, he added a camel jacket to prevent cold air.

Jack, the son of supermodel legend Christie Brinkley, wears blue, black and white sneakers with white frame sunglasses to create a stylish outfit.

On Wednesday, Nina participated in the 10th anniversary of Manolo Blahnik’s signature Hangisi shoes.

Nina looks amazing, wearing a black one-shoulder dress and mini-thighs.

The Danish model’s dress is embellished with decorative details at the neckline.

Nina uses golden high heels and wavy hair to create elegant numbers and choose the smallest makeup.

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Binky Felstead parade laundry board abs because she reveals a tiny gym frame in the underwear buckle… when she starts a very intense five-week challenge


After welcoming her daughter, India, she has been talking about her love of fitness and how it plays an important role in postpartum recovery.

Binky Felstead posted a new selfie on Instagram on Thursday to showcase her gym.

The 28-year-old former Made In Chelsea star was stripped of underwear to show off her incredible physique and seesaw, as she revealed that she was on a five-week challenge to maximize her performance in the gym.

Although just born more than a year ago, Binky has returned to its original state and has returned to her usual gym system.

Focusing on honing her body, the beauty has been working hard to get fans to see her incredible gym on social media.

Seeing Binky wearing a black cropped top and a pair of lace pink shorts – her extraordinary abdominal muscles and small frame are firmly displayed.

A few hours before her post was published, she revealed that she was undergoing a five-week personal challenge to maximize her workout. Binky explained that when she talked about her daily routine in fitness, she wanted to “get smart,” especially because she is now a mother and it is difficult to take time to exercise.

Beauty has been helped by experts in the fitness field, sharing her own images and videos, and conducting a series of tests to highlight her health.

She wore a black sports bra and patterned Lycra tights and saw that she was covered by wires and oxygen masks as she tried to do her best on the exercise bike.

Binky and her upload explained: “@chhplondon’s exciting morning sits on the same bike, @anthony_joshua pushes himself to the limit to test my health.

“Now I am a mummy, my time is so short that I want to be smart through my training, I need to maximize my exercise, in order to do this, I will be best around my own world! For the next few weeks, for my exciting journey, please pay attention to your eyes…

Binky recently revealed that the campaign has played a major role in her postpartum recovery.

Fitness enthusiasts told The Express how she was signed by her doctor after giving birth to her Indian daughter, and was forced to reconsider her training when she was allowed to return to the gym with her personal trainer.

She said: “After a break, it often takes a while to get into everyday life, but I will return to the changes in the situation and feel my progress in each training.”

“Training plays an important role in my physical and mental health, so no matter how busy I am, I will try to do some kind of exercise – even when I am taking a nap in India, my family is only 20 minutes!”

Binky claims that her training effort is to reinforce her body and give her some “my time” after pregnancy and childbirth – instead of focusing on weight loss.

There is no doubt that this real star will become a new focus because he and his ex-boyfriend Joshua ‘JP’ Patterson – the father of India and Binky’s former MIC co-starring.

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The secret of underwear leader Victoria has new competition: brand embraces physical enthusiasm


At the Victoria’s Secret Window in the Liberty Square store, a thin model with lips and straight hair looking straight ahead, wearing a black bra and lace lingerie. The text posted around her image says she wore a “very sexy push-up” bra.

One block from the 1721 Chestnut Street, an underwear brand, Aerie, all sizes of models show their stretch marks. One person is in a wheelchair and the other is wearing a ostomy bag to collect waste. Change your bra! And don’t change the way you surround them.

Sexy images of Victoria’s Secret have been the industry standard for decades. But now, nouveau riche is entering the market in a bold way of focusing on self-acceptance. Women think that sex is to embrace their body, regardless of size or shape, and buy bras and underwear for themselves, not necessarily for the fun of a partner.

Brands such as Pittsburgh’s Aerie and American Eagle’s intimates are driving positive sports and selling products that are rooted in comfort and a wider range of aesthetics.

Victoria’s secret still controls this $9 billion industry. According to the IBISWorld report of 2018, its parent company received 62.8% of its revenue. But experts say the brand is unable to adapt to social changes and leaves a space for booming competitors.

“These companies, now against Victoria’s secrets, want to say: ‘We contribute to every skin color. We make for each size…. We really think about you and what you want, “I think this is completely different from what I used to do in lingerie marketing,” said Lisa Hayes, director of fashion design at Drexel University.

Of course, according to the 2018 IBISWorld report, brands like Aerie and Soma account for only 3.5% and 3% of industry demand, respectively.

Cora Harrington, editor of the Lingerie Addict blog, said many women continue to buy bras at department stores and large retailers. Harrington said that things popular in some fashion circles, such as showing stretch marks, do not reflect the needs of all women. “Many women in the middle of the United States still want to wear corsets and profile bras,” she said. “Aerie has had a bigger impact on the new brand.”

Jennifer Redding, senior analyst at Wedbush Securities, said she believes that the trend of physical enthusiasm is getting longer and longer. According to retail technology and data company Edited, although the frequency of the word sexy mentioned in the women’s newsletter has dropped by 27% from January to October this year, the word power has risen by 60% and self-confidence has increased. 140%.

Experts say Aerie’s success indicates how many women’s views are changing, and if Victoria’s Secret doesn’t change its advertising, it may lose its dominant position. Victoria’s Secret has not responded to request to comment.

Candace Corlett, president of WSL Strategic Retail, said: “The overall shift in attitudes towards women’s expressions has undermined Victoria’s secrets.” “Now all types of bodies have their own sexy versions.”