A Pasay City prison visitor was arrested on Wednesday afternoon when he tried to sneak into the illegal drugs he was hiding in his underwear.

police. Pasay City Warden Joe Jay Arejola identified the suspect as 31-year-old Jonathan Roxas, a Grab driver and resident of Maginhawa Street in Pas.

According to the police report, prison officer 1 Brel Gosimat could feel that the contents of Roxas pants were difficult to be stuffed during the body swimming around 4:10 pm.

Gosimat asked the suspect to bring it out.

Roxas initially hesitated, but later he took out 40 grams of a $2 million shabu-shabu and a high-grade hemp plastic bag called “Kush” from his underwear, and he planned to bring him to jail.

The investigation revealed that the suspect should visit one of Noah Rodriguez and Patrick Rojas, who were all detained in the dormitory on the 8th because of illegal drugs.

Rojas told reporters that he urgently needs cash and only agrees to exchange illegal drugs for P10,000.

The police said that these illegal drugs should have been sold in prisons at twice or even three times the original price.

In a follow-up operation, the anti-drug police confiscated more illegal drugs inside the orange Toyota Vios parked near the Pasay City Hall, which Rojas used as a grab driver.

Three heat-sealed clear plastic bag crucibles and two small heat-sealed clear plastic bags were found inside the car, dry cannabis leaves worth P3,000, and a .9 mm pistol.

Police records show that the suspect was arrested for illegal drugs in 2016 but was subsequently released on bail.

They further learned that the suspect was a known drug courier.

police. Arejola said they will conduct further investigations to find out if the suspect has other associates in the Pasay City Prison.




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