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Binky Felstead parade laundry board abs because she reveals a tiny gym frame in the underwear buckle… when she starts a very intense five-week challenge


After welcoming her daughter, India, she has been talking about her love of fitness and how it plays an important role in postpartum recovery.

Binky Felstead posted a new selfie on Instagram on Thursday to showcase her gym.

The 28-year-old former Made In Chelsea star was stripped of underwear to show off her incredible physique and seesaw, as she revealed that she was on a five-week challenge to maximize her performance in the gym.

Although just born more than a year ago, Binky has returned to its original state and has returned to her usual gym system.

Focusing on honing her body, the beauty has been working hard to get fans to see her incredible gym on social media.

Seeing Binky wearing a black cropped top and a pair of lace pink shorts – her extraordinary abdominal muscles and small frame are firmly displayed.

A few hours before her post was published, she revealed that she was undergoing a five-week personal challenge to maximize her workout. Binky explained that when she talked about her daily routine in fitness, she wanted to “get smart,” especially because she is now a mother and it is difficult to take time to exercise.

Beauty has been helped by experts in the fitness field, sharing her own images and videos, and conducting a series of tests to highlight her health.

She wore a black sports bra and patterned Lycra tights and saw that she was covered by wires and oxygen masks as she tried to do her best on the exercise bike.

Binky and her upload explained: “@chhplondon’s exciting morning sits on the same bike, @anthony_joshua pushes himself to the limit to test my health.

“Now I am a mummy, my time is so short that I want to be smart through my training, I need to maximize my exercise, in order to do this, I will be best around my own world! For the next few weeks, for my exciting journey, please pay attention to your eyes…

Binky recently revealed that the campaign has played a major role in her postpartum recovery.

Fitness enthusiasts told The Express how she was signed by her doctor after giving birth to her Indian daughter, and was forced to reconsider her training when she was allowed to return to the gym with her personal trainer.

She said: “After a break, it often takes a while to get into everyday life, but I will return to the changes in the situation and feel my progress in each training.”

“Training plays an important role in my physical and mental health, so no matter how busy I am, I will try to do some kind of exercise – even when I am taking a nap in India, my family is only 20 minutes!”

Binky claims that her training effort is to reinforce her body and give her some “my time” after pregnancy and childbirth – instead of focusing on weight loss.

There is no doubt that this real star will become a new focus because he and his ex-boyfriend Joshua ‘JP’ Patterson – the father of India and Binky’s former MIC co-starring.




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