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Where is the Baroness Bra? Underwear tycoon and Tory companion only made three times in the House of Lords in three years – although vowed to be active

The noble promise of underwear tycoon Michelle Mone adds a touch of charm to the House of Lords.

After being appointed in 2015, she promised to play a “full and active” role.

But last night, the Baroness Bra – David Cameron made her known as a Conservative companion – and was called “shame” since she only participated in 12% of the House of Lords last June.

The 47-year-old established the Ultimo lingerie empire, and after she missed the key debate on vacation, she faced doubts about her commitment.

Since the House of Lords entered the House of Representatives, there have been 457 rest days in the House of Representatives. She has participated in 89 times every ten working days – less than twice.

From June to December last year, she participated in five days in a possible 74 days and spoke three times in the House of Lords, including her first speech.

But she often travels the world, speaks at business summits, and occasionally uses her title, Baroness Mone from Mayfair OBE.

Her title also appeared in the literary works of the venture capital firm she established with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Last week, she flew to the Maldives to promote a luxury villa to her Twitter and Instagram fans, losing key debates on Monday and Wednesday due to anti-terrorism and border security issues.

After accepting the “Daily Mail” contact, she released a photo of her “destined romance” Maldives break on Saturday, but she said she will attend the House of Lords today.

Baroness Mone, the baroness of the billionaire businessman Doug Barrowman, who was living on the Isle of Man, was also criticized for claiming a maximum of £300 in the House of Lords attendance allowance per day. Members can apply for the full amount – now £305, less than £153 or not at all. Travel expenses are claimed separately.

But in the first five months of this year, she received more than £3,000 in taxpayer funds for 11 appearances by taxpayers. Rich peers like Apprentice star Baroness Brady did not apply for a grant.

In March, the House of Lords spent eight days relegating legislation around the EU to discuss the issue of domestic violence and marking International Women’s Day, which she did not appear once.

Instead, she was paid to speak at a family conference and business summit in the UK and a forum in Dubai.

On the day of the debate on the cancellation of unpaid work experience, she seems to be on vacation in the Caribbean.

When she read the EU exit bill in January, she sent a tweet about leaving the conference room to sell jewelry on the TV shopping channel.

MSP Rona Mackay said: “Frankly, Michelle Mone is a shame.

“She is obviously not interested in politics… but she has always been interested in self-promotion. It seems that she is using her own title to promote business interests. If she has a good faith, she should resign and stop plundering.

The Electoral Reform Association’s Willie Sullivan said: “The House of Lords is a continuing shameful home. The Prime Minister rewards cronies by giving them a part-time job of £300 a day. For some, it looks like a business opportunity.

A spokeswoman for the Baroness Mone said she donated her attendance allowance to the charity and was proud to be a member of the House of Lords. She added: “She is also a full-time businesswoman and a wholehearted mother. She does everything. Work hard to participate.




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