Earlier this year, she ushered in her first child and Bradley Kolb.

Irina Shayk looked at the stylish mother of every inch, and she showed her extraordinary new model for the Christmas activities.

In the name of 31, she gave her a glimpse of the sexy photos of her suit underwear  fashion clothes.

suit underwear
Made up of a candy stripe box, Irina showed her soft limbs in a structured coat, suggesting her underwear and a belt.

She tied her coat and black high heel, with a slender belt in her slender waist.
Looking for every inch of the Hollywood icon, the Russian beauty claims that her black hair becomes a dense wave and a showy winter sports red lip.
The lingerie model has gone back to work for only eight months and gave birth to Lee Senna Shayk Cooper.

Bradley and Irina started dating in April 2015, and they came to their first daughter in March 21st.

Shayk was modeled as the Nike and lingerie company Intimissimi in the past few months, supporting her things to preserve the Christmas event.
Irina broke up in Losangeles and her apartment in West Manhattan, Manhattan, and Brad was in favor of his stay in November.

The couple had a fast relationship; they were first discovered in May 2015 with Broadway’s search for the dreamland at the Met Gala conference.

At the same time, Irina recently admitted that when she started making suit underwear , she felt “unsafe” for her body.

The sports pictorial model told W magazine online: “I just started modeling, ten years ago, I was very unsafe for myself.

Wearing underwear, in front of the lens, no matter how large you wear, it’s not easy. I’m really upset. I don’t know what to do.




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