If a person’s wardrobe gets the least attention, it’s underwear. Studies show that men can only choose their suit underwear  between the ages of 36 and 19.
According to the study, this is a lifetime of neglect because they rely on women to pick and buy for them.
When Brijesh Devareddy went to college, he noticed that most people do not care about their underwear and uncertainty about their wardrobe. They will be in the length of shirts and trousers, not underwear stores. They will realize that they have to shop on the way to the counter.
“They will buy the same or similar underwear before.”. I noticed in college that it was never strange to see bad underwear in the dorm. In essence, because they do not seem to have much effort to choose, in addition to sizing. “I think I should do something,” he added.
The seed thoughts lead to buttalks launched subscription start based on Chennai underwear.
Soft start in July 2017, buttalks is the solution to improve man’s wardrobe of the bridge. Buttalks even underwear, according to your preference. Once users are registered, they need to pick their favorite brands and what their preferences are, tell the buttalks program. Includes details such as preferences, colors, types, styles and occasions. Buttalks then sends the user a box of three underwear each season.
In fact, Brijesh says, users seem to like to try. About 60-70% of customers tend to choose tangled underwear.
“We think the subscription model is perfect for this period, because customers will feel surprise, after receiving the planned and select foundation for individual needs by the designer, the latest trends in their way of life,” Brijesh said.
The buttalks offers three plans with two options, a sampler or annual plan. The sampler is a disposable planner containing three units of underwear. In the annual program, customers receive three boxes of three sets of lingerie, planned every four months during the season.
The sampling plan starts at 999 rupees, while the annual plan starts with RS 2699.

suit underwear
Buttalks has brands such as diesel engines, JACK&JONES, Calvin, tailor *, circus, Tommy Hill, and more. There are also some India brands that are less popular, but offer good quality and style. Brijesh says they will choose what is best suited to a number of brands, or else they may not be able to pick them up in stores or online. “So,” he says, “Buttalks also makes product discovery.”. There’s an expert who picks priests and sends them in the best way.
Buttalks generates revenue from product sales profits. The gap between brand and brand is different.
Since its launch, it has launched 1463 registrations from 40 locations in India. While Mumbai and Bengaluru bring the most attractive, there are orders from 2, 3 levels of towns, as well.
While the concept of subscription business has overtaken India, Brijesh sees a lot of potential growth. It is the only suit underwear  subscription service in this country.
And proved the fact that demand, buttalks is cash flow is positive, is expected to break even in six months reflection.
Looking to the future, buttalks is expanding its product range to make more and more brands. It also wants to end up as an exclusive retailer for some of the brands that do not exist in India.
A customer has an average of 4-5 underwear at the moment, and they tend to change color even in use, tattered and stained. Brijesh said, “a box from Buttalks, once they’re accepted, they want to start trying to wear underwear.”.
“Just as they want to see their other half in garish underwear, we want them to think good underwear as an important style statement,” he added.




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