We are all working hard to be more environmentally friendly in our daily lives, from using the moon to our beauty system, but without plastic, but the latest innovations may be a too much step.

A new company designed eco-friendly shorts that claimed to be “durable, comfortable, and murderous.”

They also claimed that they do not need to wash for a few weeks. Ike.

Although it may sound terrible, the company assures customers that they simply don’t.

Organic Basics has released their newsletter SilverTech 2.0 series, which are self-cleaning parts that kill 99.9% of bacteria.

Thanks to the new technology, we don’t have to wash the underwear after every wear, which reduces water consumption and saves energy.

Based on the Kickstarter campaign they have raised more than £120,000, the underwear is made from fully recycled materials, allowing you to “freely move without restrictions”.

SilverTech 2.0 “uses the antibacterial properties of silver.”

She further explained on the website: “We use Polygiene, a safe blue logo approved for recycling silver, and applied directly to the fabric for optimal odour control.

“We use nylon, a moisture wicking fabric that is more durable and the skin feels lighter.”

While the idea of ​​walking in the same pair of pants may make you feel uncomfortable, the company assures potential customers that they have “advanced ventilation in key sweat areas”.

They explained that the length of time they did not wash underwear did vary.

They explained: “The effect of silver varies from person to person, depending on how big and strong our body tastes. Technically, you can wear our SilverTech 2.0 products for more than a week without washing.

“However, body hygiene is a very personal issue. Therefore, if a person can wear SilverTech for a month without washing, others may feel the need after a few days. Reducing the wash will save the environment a lot. Water and carbon dioxide – great!”

If you like to try it, they only need £65 instead of £89.




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