Will she forgive him? Fernanda Flores couldn’t resist tears after finding a thong at Jonathan Rivera. The 90-day fiance star, when chatting with one of his friends, suffered serious damage in a new peek, revealing that the incident did give her confidence.

During the premiere last week, Fernanda moved into Jonathan’s home and was surprised to find another woman’s underwear. “It’s hard to talk to Jonathan’s friends about our problems. Of course, I think it’s more comfortable to talk to my friends, but I don’t have that choice.” The 19-year-old saw the upcoming November 4th show in the US weekly. set. “If I tell my friends and my family, they will be disappointed with Jonathan.” Jonathan’s friend tried to work with Fernanda and explained that maybe he just moved the drawer with old clothes and didn’t think twice.

“This is too bad,” Fernanda said, although apparently unhappy. “When I came here, I was very excited, it made me feel stupid… I want to believe him, but you think it is the worst.” Jonathan’s friend obviously wants to put himself in Fernanda. In the shoes, she reveals that if she leaves everything and finds an underwear after marrying others, she will be upset. “This is typical Jonathan,” his friend said in the confessional room. “I don’t know how long it is. He didn’t think about it. He is just a boy and he is a fool.”

Jonathan and Fernanda have the largest age gap among all the couples in the TLC live TV show season 6 – 12 years. The 32-year-old real star proposed to Fernanda after three months of dating. He said he would visit her as much as possible in Mexico, but considering that he is a real estate agent, it is not always easy. The couple applied for a K-1 visa and fans were eager to see how they deal with the ups and downs of their relationship. I hope things can do the best!




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