The central high school principal’s football coach was accused in a lawsuit accusing him of bringing a 16-year-old man back to the underwear locker room shortly after he was kicked out of the team.

The lawsuit filed in the Jefferson Circuit on Tuesday alleged that head coach Marvin Dantzler had retaliated against the student, who had previously complained about the coach’s use of defamation to harass and threaten players and their staff.

The lawsuit alleges Dantzler and Jefferson County Public Sc ​​hools and Central Sports Director Ryan Bringhurst and principal Raymond Green.

The lawsuit alleges that Dantzler and other defendants have eroded the student’s reputation, mental health and access to university scholarships.

The lawsuit pointed out that when the university coach learned that the students were suspended by the team during the rest of the 2018 season, “the interest has declined.”

A JCPS spokesperson said that the region has not commented on pending litigation.

The lawsuit only represents one party to the case.

The 80-page suit and more than 80-page exhibits revealed the cause of the August 24th incident in which the student, a middle-aged teenager, took off his sweatshirt and underwear.

A week ago, on August 17th against DuPont’s handmade high school, Dantzler told the students that they had a minute left in the fourth quarter and the teenager told the coach, “No.”

According to the lawsuit and the exhibition documents, the student later told his parents that he was not sure whether he should promise to play football in Central, considering how late the coach allowed him to enter the game and expressed concern about his coaching style, the student said Includes fear tactics and threats.

According to the lawsuit, until the August 24th competition, the students felt Dantzler’s comments in front of the team.

The student and his father met with the coach on August 22, during which the student expressed his desire to withdraw from the team. The student eventually changed his mind, and Dantzler and his father walked away from “talking and smiling,” the father wrote in a letter to the team and school leaders.




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