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After collecting the belly and liposuction, the former Playboy model Shana Mokler is proud of her new body, she is showing off.

Yesterday, Travis Barker’s predecessor shared a sexy photo of her own with her Instagram account, barely imagined. In the photo snapshot, Shana puts the phone in front of the mirror, keeping the face slightly covered. When she kicked one leg and the other leg straightened, the blond beauty wore her hair with a low ponytail. In order to show off her slim figure, in addition to the pink sports bra, Moakler only sports a pair of black underwear.

In the title of the picture, the 43-year-old explained that she had been five weeks after the operation and she had begun to see a difference, even though she was a little swollen and discolored due to bruises. Then she went on to explain that all the lumps and the “strange pockets” on her scars disappeared, which made her really happy because it was something she had been trying to hide.

To end this position, she thanked surgeon Leif Rogers and his team for doing a great job for her. So far, in addition to more than 200 comments, this photo has won more than 5,000 favorite attentions for Moakler. Many fans want Sarah to know that she looks amazing, while others tell her that she looks good before she finishes any work.

“As long as you are happy, it’s all important! Because I think you always look great. Love and light are for you,” one fan commented.

“Looks like you have a beautiful hourglass shape,” another interjection said.

Recently, Moakler and former Travis Barker conducted a custody deal with their two children, Alabama and Landon. According to Radar Online, the former couple had solved the problem in court in 2016, but in March this year, they returned to the court to fight detention again.




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