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Hello loves !!! All right? Whoever has seen that trendy hair that has seen their idol wearing it and wants to make an equal cut or a painting equal to the hair color of their idol.

In my school days we had the habit of dyeing a strand of hair red because there was a girl from the soap opera who had hair with an old streak.

We like to be well, to change the look and this is very good for our health and self-esteem.

Pureza Detox Shampoo 325ml - Silk
Pureza Detox Shampoo 325ml – Silk

But did you know that you must take special care with dyed hair.

General care with colored hair

The hair needs frequent care and treatments, such as hydration and nutrition, as well as periodic cuts to remove the ends that are damaged over time.

With colored hair, the attention should be even greater, as the threads will have gone through dyeing and, in many cases, other procedures will be necessary, such as, for example, removing the natural color of the hair to add another one.

It is important to use products that are specific to colored hair, and in the case of products without rinsing such as leave-ins and hair oils, give preference to thermal protectors, which protect the hair from high temperatures and guarantee the completion of the treatment.

Care at sea and pool

Whenever you come into contact with swimming pools and the sea, be sure to wash your hair with anti-residue shampoo. They are ideal for removing impurities from your hair and ridding it of long-term damage. A good tip is to wet your hair with natural water before coming into contact with the pool chlorine. Use some silicone fluid to make it work as a protective cover for the wires.

Novex My Curls Cinema Treatment Cream
Novex My Curls Cinema Treatment Cream

Don’t keep changing the dye mark

Kit Siàge Rebuilds Hair Shampoo + Conditioner + Mask
Kit Siàge Rebuilds Hair Shampoo + Conditioner + Mask

This is a very important tip, because coloring your hair must be a procedure done with a good brand of paint. So, the ideal is to keep the same brand, after all, there is no point in putting a good product on the hair and then making the quality drop with a bad brand. Even if the shade needs to change for some reason, maintain a brand standard to run the least risk of errors.

The color of the paint can vary because as your hair will already be dyed, at the time of retouching, to maintain the same color, it may be that in the salon the paint color has to be lighter or darker. Therefore, the most appropriate is to do the procedure with those who understand the subject.

Richesse Light Blonde Toner 8
Richesse Light Blonde Toner 8
Kit Biocolor Cream Dye Intense Vibrant Red 6.6
Kit Biocolor Cream Dye Intense Vibrant Red 6.6

There are several products for you to dye your hair: There are people who dye their hair with ink, there are people who only use a coloring tint to highlight the hair, and there are people who make cream baths and put a little ink, to give just one shine in the hair, maintaining the natural color of the strands.

And if you like colored hair, like to dare to dye your hair blue, green or red, you can use colored hair splay, you will always have a different color in your hair.




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