Many write-ups and advertisements showcase the need for women to be slim, or if not, at least to look one. There are many long lists of tips on making a sexy illusion but very few on how to feel your best.

Sizes and figures are the issues of long ago. 2021 is about to end, and one should no longer dwell on the frustration of being thin to fit in the trend.

If you are a plus-sized woman and you feel like wearing a dress, these are the ways that may not make you look slim but will make you feel at your best.

Fitted Tops, Loose Below

Gone are the days when you must feel overly conscious about your bust size. These days, bust parts in significant sizes add glam to one’s style. So, if you have a large set of breasts, no need to be ashamed; flaunt it with a dress that is fitted on the upper part while loosely set down below. 

The effect of fitted tops and loose below is that it creates a carefree sense which will boost your confidence. 

Ruffled Printed Dress

Ruffled waist for the best figure

The ruffles on the waist area create a voluptuous look and add to the whole elegance of the outfit. When you wear a dress with ruffles or additional laces, it gives volume to your attire, and it will be the first thing to catch one’s attention instead of your weight or size.

A Short Plain Black

If there is one color that most people usually suggest to a plus-sized person, that would be Black. It is not new in terms of fashion that the black shade or darker ones can give a little trick to shape your body. At most, it can give you a slim look. 

The human eyes adjust to the darker colors; that is why it creates an illusion that something shrinks a little when it’s dark. Also, black colors can cover the trace of your undergarments or shapewear.

A Satin Straight

Sometimes, the best way to look stylish is to invest in the fabric. You don’t have to go extra length on the designs and patterns when the material of your dress can stand alone. The Silk or satin, in particular, already gives you an elegant and fresh look. 

Take note also of the shape of the dress. A straight-down dress is already suitable for a plus-sized as it does not boast the waist area. It falls directly from your shoulder, thus allowing you to move confidently and comfortably.

A Printed Maxi

Another way to be stylish in a dress is to try the maxi dress. It’s not enough to be in a long one, but you should also try to go for the printed one. The prints can lighten up the mood you send through that fashion statement. 

While it’s true that the black color is perfect for a plus-sized woman, it should not be your reason to be distant from the other colors. Keep on exploring. In addition, bright colors can highlight your best features. 

These styles of dresses do not aim to trick somebody into seeing what you are not. These are a few ways to embrace yourself, whatever sizes you are in and whatever body shape you have. It’s time to throw the frustration to look slim in history. Now is the time to feel your best.

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