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Hello loves !!! All right? Did you know that in winter we should take even more care of our skin’s hydration?

If in the summer it is the sun that dries out our skin, as a result of sun exposure, in the winter, the cold is the worst enemy of our skin and it is not only the lips that suffer.

It is the largest organ in our body and keeping it hydrated throughout the year can be a big challenge.

Antiacne Clear Proof
Antiacne Clear Proof

Tips to keep your skin hydrated and shiny in autumn winter:

1- Long baths and very hot water? Should be avoided

In winter, bathing in hot water (not to say, scalding) is our biggest temptation. In addition to helping us warm up, after a cold day, it is considered the relaxing time of the day. But it can be very harmful to our skin: hot water dries it out (and a lot). If you can’t shower with warm water but want to keep your skin hydrated, it is best to bet on quick baths.

2- Moisturize the body during the bath

To compensate for what hot water does to our skin, we must bet on hydration. What doesn’t seem like a very difficult task in the summer – putting cream on your body after a shower – in the winter, it can feel like real torture. Nobody likes to get cold after a shower, but it is of fundamental importance that you use a moisturizer and then wear your pajamas to sleep comfortably.

In addition to being able to bet on those moisturizing creams that are specially formulated to be used in the bath, body oils can be our great allies to hydrate the skin. Applying a body oil (children’s oils are also a great option) and then removing the largest amount with water will make our skin super shiny and hydrated when we get out of the bath.

3- Moisturize (and care for) facial skin

The face is the part of our skin that suffers the most – be it in summer, with sun exposure, or in winter, with exposure to cold. And not only those who have dry skin should reinforce the care they have. Oily-prone skin also suffers from dehydration (often, the oil that the skin produces in excess can be a sign of that – dehydrated skin).

In winter, we should avoid using water based products – micellar water and gel based products. If we bet on a routine with creamy products, we will be strengthening the hydration of our skin and prevent it from drying out. Using wipes to make up and cleanse the skin and wash your face with hot water are two steps that we should avoid (as much as possible) in winter. Cream cleansers are a good alternative.

4- Take at least 2 liters of water a day

Even if you feel less thirsty in the winter, it is essential to drink plenty of water to allow the body to function properly and preserve the skin’s hydration and integrity, preventing dryness and flaking.

Take advantage of the colder days to complement your water consumption with unsweetened natural teas. Just try to avoid black tea, which has a dehydrating effect.

 5- Use specific products

Use specific products for your skin problem, if your skin is oily try to use products suitable for oily skin.

Kit Soap Gel and Matifying Cream
Kit Soap Gel and Matifying Cream
Creme Facial Nivea Antissinais
Creme Facial Nivea Antissinais

If you have wrinkles you want to prevent aging try to use creams ideal for your skin type.

Body Scrub Clear Dream
Body Scrub Clear Dream

It is also important that you use specific creams for the night, because at night the skin absorbs more nutrients.

Follow these tips and your skin will be perfect in the fall winter.




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