Are you a trendsetter whose waiting for the latest fashion accessories? Not being in style can be a nightmare, especially if you`re that gal who is always in the most fashion-forward clothes. Not a worry because the necklaces below are making a trend this season:

1. Charm Necklaces

Let your natural charm shine through by bringing back charms in necklaces! Do you remember the time when charms and cute pendants on chains are popular? They`re making a sweet and fun comeback!

Don`t always settle for minimalist styles no matter how appealing they may seem. Don`t forget that you also need to make dressing up colorful and enjoyable, especially with these lucky charm symbols.

2. MODERN 90s-Inspired Necklaces

Another fun way to dress up, especially during summer, is through 90s inspired necklaces with modern touches! Check out the handmade cute smiley faces necklaces you can get from Etsy.

The choker smiley face is reminiscent of the choker necklaces with cute designs popular back in the early 2000s or late 90s. However, if you want something more simplistic, a gold smiley face pendant necklace is a lovely one too!


Huge chunks of chains or link necklaces are very popular, with models like Haley Bieber and Kylie Jenner have been seen wearing one.

There`s a good reason why this is popular, and it`s because it`s an excellent statement accessory if you`re wearing plain-colored clothes and don`t want to accessorize much. It`s usually great to wear with street style or edgy fashion.

4. Herringbone

Look at this Herringbone necklace. It features a tricolor of gold, silver, and rose gold. It`s a classy necklace that you can wear daily with its 10k gold components. It`s such a pretty necklace that`ll hopefully stay for long!


A lariat necklace usually has a long length and drips down to the middle, creating a V-like form. It`s recommended for those with round faces because the shape of the chain can balance out the edgeless shape.

Most lariat necklaces are triple or double-layered that gives them a soft, gentle, and feminine look. It`s an adorable accessory for school, work, or even dates.

6. Malachite Necklace

The distinct shade of green of the Malachite is a pleasant sight because it reminds me of nature and the ocean. Unfortunately, the supply of malachite isn`t unlimited, which is why it`s such a treat to see an accessory with it.

This year, you can expect that malachite necklaces will be all over the place with their beautiful hue.

These necklaces will give a twist to your daily accessories, with some making a comeback while the others are sweeping the fashion scene at the moment. But, no matter which of these necklaces you choose to get, be a part of your accessories collection, dress up with confidence, and feel good are the most important to showcase your fashion sense.




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