A Chanel bag is an iconic accessory that has become a staple for many celebrities and style icons. Most people recognize it as a classic accessory that tests the trends over time. Many fashion experts have concluded that a Chanel bag is merely an accessory, but a wonderful and stylish investment that can increase in price over time. A lot of people think that Chanel has a basic style, but what most don`t know is that classics such as the quilted shoulder bag are originally popular because of the brand.

These Chanel bags will give you a statement look, no matter what you wear:

1. Chanel – 1991 Timeless Shoulder Bag

The 1991 Timeless Shoulder Bag is an iconic accessory that comes with loop gold chains and a quilt design. The classic double “C” design acts as a lock. It`s a luxurious bag that is known as a great investment and addition to your closet.

What`s lovely about this bag is that it`s ideal for both formal and casual occasions. It`s an accessory that`s bound to make a statement wherever you go.

2. 2003 Mini Classic Flap Shoulder Bag

The 2003 Mini Classic Flap Shoulder Bag is a cute accessory that features a compact size, and adorable color.

Perfect for romantic dates, and important events, this classic Chanel shoulder bag will help you carry your essentials.

3. 1990 Medium Double Flap Shoulder Bag

Are you looking for a Chanel bag that`s more relaxed and effortlessly stunning? The 1990 Medium Double Flap Shoulder Bag features a gorgeous color that`s versatile for almost any dress.

You can wear this with muted colors to complement and highlight the outfit.

4. 1992 Maxi Classic Flap Shoulder Bag

Boss babes who know what they want are always busy and bustling no matter the circumstance. The 1992 Maxi Classic Flap Shoulder Bag looks feminine with dainty touches, yet this bag knows how to carry the best essentials for success.

Contrary to other Chanel shoulder bags, this bag can carry more items without looking frumpy.

5. Chanel | Lambskin Quilted Small Vanity Case With Chain Black

Are you looking for something unique? Chanel`s Lambskin Quilted Small Vanity Case has a rectangular shape and cute size. Its structured form makes it a wonderful make-up case, or if you need to go somewhere formal.

It`s similar to most classic quilted shoulder bags, but it has a great shape and size to store your small essentials.

Though a waste of money in the eyes of some, these bags are priceless to many women and collectors. Chanel is an established designer brand that prides itself on class, luxury, and exclusivity. For women who are incredibly invested in the fashion world, owning at least one Chanel bag is a treasure they can pass on to their daughters.




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