Dressing up is somehow like painting on a unique and moving canvass. There are different body types, styles, preferences, and trends you ought to apply. Tops like blouses, long-sleeves, tees, and the like all have varying styles and designs. One of the most common tops nowadays is square-collar tops which provide a fashion-forward way of dressing up.

Find the most iconic-looking and eye-catching square collar tops for affordable prices:

Ruffle-Trim Smocked Top

Look fit and sexy with a black ruffle-trim smocked top that’s both pretty and mysterious. It features a mini bow, ruffled and smocked sleeves, and a cropped length.

It’s an ideal top for chubby ladies who want a flattering blouse. The square neckline provides a nice balance for round faces, and the black color hides visible body rolls.

White Shirred Top

Feel pretty, pure, and proper with a square neckline-shirred top ideal for a business casual look. Accessorize this cropped long-sleeved blouse with a pair of slacks for a classy outfit. You can add silver jewelry to match the neutral-colored outfit.

Ribbed-Knit Tank Top

Are you a fan of layering? Achieve an elegant look by getting a square-neck ribbed-knit tank top that you can easily layer on with a blazer or trench coat.

With this top, you can quickly transform your business casual look into a fun Friday night outfit by simply removing any jacket or blazers.

Cap Sleeve Square-Neck Tea

Feel like a teenager with a cute cap sleeve square-neck top with evident neckline edges that will give you more room to accessorize your neck area. It’s a simple but adorable way to dress casually!

Long-Sleeved Crop Top

Show off your midriffs with the early 2000s inspired long-sleeved square-neck crop top. Wear this with a pair of low hip pants, a moon-shaped bag, and big circle earrings to achieve a lovely 2000’s fashion.

Lace-Up Square Neck Linen Top

Feel dainty and pretty with a mint green cropped top. It has a clean and polished design, perfect for a lovely afternoon date.

Levi is most famous for its iconic jeans and high-quality denim. However, many people fail to realize that their other clothing is also at par with the integrity of their popular denim clothes.

Feel stunning with a versatile and trendy Joella short sleeve blouse that will leave you looking young and modern.

Square-Neck Bodysuit

Walk and be you effortlessly with a square-neck tank top and bodysuit that’s excellent for loungewear. Have you ever felt unproductive and lazy because you don’t look your best? Avoid that by investing in pieces that can easily turn your casual wear around. Plain pieces like this are an investment for your closet.

Long-Sleeved Bodysuit

Cover up your arms, and let the focus be on your neck. What’s excellent about square-neck is that it gives so much room for you to accessorize with chokers and other necklaces. In addition, statement necklaces are perfect for a long-sleeved bodysuit.

Horizontal Stripes Crop Top

Did you know that you can utilize horizontal and vertical stripes to your advantage by making you look thinner or taller? Contrary to popular belief, horizontal stripes can make you look slimmer and stylish by letting the lines camouflage problematic areas around the stomach.

This striped square-neck tee is a great versatile top you can include in your wardrobe.

Do something different with how you dress and try wearing a square collar top. You can accessorize it with gorgeous statement necklaces to show off your neck and collarbones. Then, pair it with trendy bottoms for a modern and chic look.




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