The new fall-winter season is about to arrive and you know what that means, good luck. Our favorite garment of all seasons is about to become a recurrent one in our lives, I think we can all feel identified when I say that wearing a sweater always makes you feel warm and super comfortable whether you are in the subway or in a cafe, It is a garment that despite the decades, will never cease to be a must-have because it was created with that intention, to remain over time.

My favorites are the cotton ones but the wool ones are also one of my favorites, I think you can never have too many sweaters, if you are a person of neutral colors there are many variations of styles and designs that adapt perfectly to you but if you are like me and you enjoy the most daring colors and designs with new trends, you know that there are hundreds of thousands of styles that we still do not know but that is waiting for us to use them this fall-winter.

To buy sweaters you always have to keep in mind that these pieces are timeless, many of the designs that we find online are going to be in trend for years, I think we all have sweaters that are more than five years old with us that we continue to use and some are in good condition. been until a more innovative style comes out and it is time to change, I love adding new winter pieces to my collection, winter days always take forever which is perfect because we need many sweaters for all those days.

There are too many options out there that are waiting for you to be used and this is where we are going to show them to you, quality is super important when choosing, you want this garment to last a long time but style is an even more important factor Because even if it is of very good quality if you feel that the style is just a passing trend.

I do not think it is very convenient to buy it, the best thing you can do is go for the classic styles and colors, vibrant colors although they are not classic are a plus you can have for those days where you need a bust of confidence and encouragement, but neutrals are perfect for day to day, to go to school or university, believe me, you will never be badly dressed if you wear some of these tell us I’m about to show you.




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