We all love drama. Don’t we? Especially after 2020, we have become accustomed to drama. Now that we have started going out, or even lounging at home, we need a little drama in our clothes. Don’t we? Starting with sleeves, they are the easiest to make a statement with. Whether it’s modest fashion or fast, forward fashion or conservative, statement sleeves are the easiest to incorporate in every kind of lifestyle. And the most amazing statement in the sleeves can be made by puffy sleeves. Yes, you heard it right, it’s my favorite style and in fact all over the world!

If you are still thinking about what puff sleeves actually mean then they are inflated at the arm area and taper down at the bottom. Again it depends on the length of the sleeves. If you are wearing half sleeves, then the narrow area would be above your elbow. While if you are wearing full sleeves, they would end at the wrists. Whatever be the style, they are bound to make a statement. They are also called balloon sleeves because of their shape.

You can choose puff sleeves for every kind of occasion, environment, and weather!

1. Workwear: Shirts with puff sleeves look great and formal. You can opt for full sleeves, the one that smocks at the wrist. Make sure to opt for opaque fabric in the

sleeve area so that it doesn’t look too frivolous. Opt for solid colors like white, black, beige, blue, etc. Solid colors look smart and professional and that is the message you would like to send across the boardroom and its members.

2. Casual outings: For such occasions, you can opt for printed or sheer sleeves. They look so feminine and pretty. Also love the short puff sleeve look, the ones that end at the upper border of elbows. A bare half arm with a balloon sleeve. My perfect outfit for a brunch with my girls.

3. Date night: Now for an important outing with your beau keep something to the imagination. Go for dramatic, over-the-top puffy sleeves in a sheer fabric. You can choose the whole blouse to be see-through and pair it with a sexy bralette underneath. It will leave him craving for more.

4. Party wear: For parties, you won’t want to look too easy so forget about flirty and sheer fabrics. Opt for silk or satin instead. You can go for real drama here by opting for a one-shoulder look. One dramatic puffy sleeves and the other shoulder bare. Or you can go for the off-shoulder look with puffy sleeves. Looks so elegant yet perfect for a party outing.




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