Are Cosmolle's wireless bras still supportive?

When we are looking for underwear, whether we want to accept it or not, we are always looking for a feeling of comfort, especially when it comes to bras. I’m sure 99% of the woman, can’t wait to get home to get rid of their bras after a long day of wearing them… it’s a great feeling of freedom for sure.

And I believe this happens because most bras we wear have wires, and somehow, they add to a feeling of being trapped and somehow feeling uncomfortable. If we get to find wireless bras, that give our chest more freedom, we hope they give the same support or at least the most similar to the wire ones.

AirWear Wireless 3D Enhance Bra

One place where you can get the best and most comfortable underwear, bras, and even a long sleeve legging set, that is not only wireless but supper supportive too, is Cosmolle. They are not just an underwear brand. For them, you are worth it and your comfort comes first and that is why they have designed underwear that does simply and just that.

Their products are 3D printed, which makes them keep their shape, they are wire-free, which also means pain-free, they use less material, less sewing, and no wires. Their bras have breathable cups with collagen-infused fibers and the most important thing is that they are made with love, by women, and for women. Because who better to understand us, our struggles, and our needs than another woman?

Airwear Comfortable Everyday Wireless Bra

At Cosmolle they believe that bras should be comfortable, but also know that we women tend to compromise our comfort over just looking good, and let’s be honest, in the end, is more important how we truly feel at the end of the day. We should actually validate our own feelings because the only validation that truly matters in the end, comes from within us. And comfort for sure is one of the feelings that we can’t and shouldn’t overlook.

Cosmolle goes after not compromising your comfort. They use unique designs and advanced fabric technology to give you a level of bra comfort you probably haven’t experienced yet. And once again, for them, people matter. They celebrate different body types, different shapes, colors, lifestyles and sizes, and ages. They have a culture of inclusivity and diversity, which is something amazing nowadays and an example that more brands should follow.

Ultrasoft with Lace Wireless Daily Bra

And another good thing is that our earth matters to them too. Being sustainable is a key component of the brand. They believe that by creating products with quality that are durable, you’ll need to buy less of them, not only saving your wallet but the environment too.

Cross Back Medium-support Bra

So, after explaining to you, which Cosmolle is a brand that you should consider for all the right reasons, it is time to answer the question if their wireless bras are still supportive, and the answer is yes. They are! They might look for you to not compromise your own comfort, but in order to do that, they offer you the same support a normal bra would. By the way, if you are looking for want, I highly recommend you to get a black Friday bra from them, at the best prices and with all the comfort and support you have been looking for.

I believe that what Cosmolle as a brand offers you and has as its own DNA, is what all brands should offer us as clients. Especially inclusivity. It is really annoying to not be able to wear things that we want to wear but can’t because what is supposed to be our size doesn’t fit or if they don’t have enough sizes for all bodies. Not to mention, usually plus size clothing doesn’t really have the best designs and that’s a bit discriminatory.




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