Find the Perfect Activewear Outfit to Flatter Your Figure

When we are choosing clothes, knowingly or unknowingly we tend to look for pieces that make our bodies and our curves look good and even sometimes enhanced. But this isn’t only something that happens with our day-to-day clothes, it is even more important to choose clothing that flatters our figures when it comes to activewear.

The reality is that when it comes to exercising, practicing sports, or working out, having the right activewear is really important and it can totally make a difference. The right activewear sets for women can make you feel confident, but most importantly very comfortable, while flattering your figure, which leads to you feeling and looking good.

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If you are looking to find the perfect activewear outfit, then don’t hesitate and follow our little tips, which will help you not only look amazing but also that will be flattering your figure.

One of the first and also most important things to do in order to find the perfect activewear is to know your body shape. This might sound obvious for some, but for many it really isn’t. There are many different body shapes, which include hourglass, pear, apple, and rectangle and each one has its own characteristics. And in order to flatter these different body types you’ll need different types of activewear.

For example, those who have hourglass shape bodies will benefit more with high waisted workout leggings, than someone that has a rectangle body shape. Each piece should enhance and bring focus to different body parts so the whole look looks balanced and not weird.

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Another step to follow that for some might be obvious, but for others might not, is choosing activewear that provides the right fit. Clothing that is either too loose or too tight will not only be comfortable but, in most cases, also very unflattering too. The right fit should allow you to move freely, is not constricting but feels snug enough.

Now, you need to focus on highlighting your best features. Not all bodies are the same, not everyone has a smaller waist, some have a smaller or bigger chest, and the same with the butt area. This is why is important to highlight the areas that you believe are your best features. If you have a small waist, it would be ideal to get activewear that cinches it or with a high-waisted design. And if for example, your best feature, is your toned arms, wearing Cosmolle sleeveless shirts or tank tops will be the best choice.

The following tip might be important for some, but not for others, but we still want to mention it… and it is choosing the right patterns and colors. They tend to play a big role in how flattering your activewear can be. For example, darker colors, such as dark gray, black, or navy can create a streamlined look and be slimming. Another example of flattering pieces is the ones with geometric shapes and stripes, but only if they don’t feel overwhelming.

And finally, but not less importantly, always have your own comfort in mind and as a priority. You should look for activewear pieces that are made with materials that are moisture-wicking and breathable, that won’t only not irritate your skin or chafe.

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If it’s possible for you, make sure to try the activewear before you buy it, so you can make sure that they will allow you to move freely and that also they not only feel comfortable but are actually comfortable.

Finding the perfect activewear outfit that will flatter your figure can be an easy task if you follow our tips. They will help you not only be and feel comfortable during your workouts but also to feel confident while you are wearing them.

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