When the cold arrives, we don’t just want to warm up, but also choose a cozy outfit. Therefore, it is important to know how to compose a outfit where the pieces and accessories combine.

Pants, jackets, boots, hats… there are so many options. In addition to unique looks, it is possible to overlap pieces in several different combinations. In the midst of this sea of ​​options, we are left without a north, some items may already be out of fashion.

Does an accessory from last winter still look good in this one? To resolve these questions, we are going to share 5 ultra-fashionable outfit guides for the winter of 2022.

1. Knitting sweater

 The Knitting sweater is one of the most remembered protagonists in winter. It is practical, elegant and warms masterfully. These are pieces that go well with just about everything. Jeans, mini skirts with tights, boots, boots with short or high tops.

The neutral colored Knitting sweater is one of the most purchased. Interesting to choose black, beige, gray or colors in the earthy palette. For those who want a more cool look, you can invest in more cheerful colors like lilac, yellow, green or blue in the candy color style. Pieces with color overlays, blends and stripes are also very nice in putting together the look.

2. High collar dress

This style of dress seems to follow a fashion trend that represents retro, but revamped it comes with everything in the trends that make up the climate of low temperatures.

You can wear it with socks, high boots. They can be made with plain fabric, but corrugated fabric can add a special charm to the piece. It does not require the use of strings, so choose creative earrings to complement the look, such as pendants or metallic hoops.

3. Leggings with overlay

Leggins are pieces that allow for several variations of combinations and styles. In winter, they can be used mainly as a base for overlays. They fit the body evenly and can be paired with trousers, jeans, aviator-style clothing or wool overcoats.

To use leggings in this overlapping sense, prefer tighter models like those made of stretch cotton. They also look great with long, heavy fur coats and boots that reach the knees.

4. Aviator style suit

The aviator style suit is an option for those who want to compose looks with unique pieces and are not willing to invest in a dress, for example. When we talk about this type of costume, at first glance it is inevitable not to prioritize comfort.

They are very cozy pieces that warm up and highlight the look. They can warm up together with leggings underneath. They go great with closed shoes, but specifically look great with sneakers.

5. Maxi wool scarf with fringes

The scarf is an essential item for the cold season. In addition to being a complement to warm the body, it is very elegant and transforms any look.

The scarf options are countless, but for 2022 the fringed wool scarf is a high bet to stand out. Longer pieces, with earthy colors are jokers and combine with practically any type of clothing, due to their neutrality.




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