When it comes to fashion, there is more than meets the eye. Being a fashionista is not just about having the latest pieces from brands or being able to put together an outfit. There are certain skills that you need in order to take your style game up a notch. Here are 7 skills you need to go from passerby to fashionista.

An ability to shop on a budget

When it comes to fashion, most people think that you have to spend a lot of money in order to look good. However, this isn’t necessarily true. There are plenty of ways to be fashionable without breaking the bank. Here are some tips on how to go from being a fashion novice to a bona fide fashionista. First and foremost, learn how to shop on a budget. This means knowing what items are worth splurging on and which ones you can get away with spending less money on. You don’t have to buy the most expensive item in a store just because it’s trendy.

Sometimes, the most expensive brands are just as trendy as the less expensive ones, so you can get a lot of wear out of something with a lower price tag.


Creativity is often associated with fashionista. After all, many people in the fashion industry are creative professionals. However, you don’t need to be a professional to have an eye for style. Anyone can learn how to dress like a fashionista with a little creativity and effort. Here are some tips: Know your personal style: This is the first step to looking like a fashionista. You need to figure out what kinds of clothes suit you best and make you feel most confident. Once you know your personal style, it will be easier for you to dress creatively without making costly fashion mistakes. Wear clothes that fit you well: Don’t wear clothes that are too big or too tight. Clothes should fit you well so that you look and feel your best. The fashion industry is very much focused on the look of the clothing, so it is essential that your clothes are the best fit possible.

A critical eye

When it comes to fashion, some people have a natural eye for what looks good and what doesn’t. For the rest of us, however, it takes a bit more effort to develop that critical eye. If you’re tired of feeling like a fashion novice, never fear! With a little practice, you can hone your style sense and become a fashionista in your own right. Pay attention to detail: Notice the small details when you’re looking at clothing or observing people’s outfits. Are the proportions flattering? Is the fit right? Is the fabric appropriate? Are there any obvious seams or buttons that are crooked or poorly placed? These are the things you’ll want to pay attention to when you’re shopping for your own clothes. Go by your gut: Your instincts will probably tell you that something looks good or doesn’t look good. Pay attention to those instincts, and follow them.

Over time, you’ll learn to trust your instincts and make better fashion choices as a result.

An understanding of trends

An understanding of trends is essential for anyone who wants to become a fashionista. Trends are what dictate what is popular in the fashion world at any given time, and being able to identify them is important for being able to put together fashionable outfits. There are a few different ways that you can keep up with trends. First, you can pay attention to celebrity style. The red carpet is always a good place to see what styles are currently in vogue. Stars are often trendsetters, so by keeping up with what they’re wearing, you can get a feel for what’s hot in stores. As an alternative, you can try taking a class at your local community college. There are a number of fashion courses available, including ones that give you an overview of the industry and ones that focus on the history of trends. Some even offer specialized courses for things like hair and makeup.

Knowledge of different styles

As you probably know, there are lots of different styles out there. Some people are really into fashion and they can tell you all about the history of each style and what certain details mean. Others couldn’t care less about clothes and just want to find something that looks good on them without spending a lot of time or money on it. And then there are those who fall somewhere in between, who maybe pay attention to fashion but don’t necessarily follow any particular trends. Whichever category you fall into, you probably have a sense of what style you prefer and what style you don’t.

Accessorizing ability

As you go about your daily routine, do you ever find yourself window-shopping and envying the fabulous outfit choices of strangers? With a few simple tips, you could be one of those fashionistas, too! By upping your accessorizing game, you can easily take your look from pedestrian to polished. Here are a few suggestions: First, get to know the basics of jewelry.

What looks good with gold? Silver? Rose gold? What style complements your wardrobe best? Once you’ve picked up a few tips, you can hit the stores with confidence and start mixing and matching. A silver necklace might pair nicely with a rose quartz ring, or you could dress up your denim jacket with a gold necklace. But what about the makeup? Well, you can play it up with a bold red lipstick, or keep it casual with a bronzed glow. After all, who doesn’t love a little accessorizing?


Fashion is all about confidence. If you don’t believe in your own sense of style, it will be hard to rock whatever look you’re going for. The best way to start building fashion confidence is by getting to know your own personal taste. Experiment with different styles and silhouettes until you find something that makes you feel amazing.




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