Minimalism is a rising trend, but not just in fashion. It is also present in architecture, beauty, and even accessories. Therefore, delicate jewelry is a great way to add a touch of sophistication to your look.

You can build elegance and highlight your strengths, as well as complement your style. Therefore, by choosing the right delicate jewelry, you can brighten your look and create a unique finish to the composition of your personal appearance.

How do I know if a delicate piece of jewelry is right for me?

Knowing your personal style. It’s important that you purchase items that suit you, not just because it’s a hot trend. So, if your style is classic, prefer pieces with simple features, in gold or silver. In the case of watches, those with a metal bracelet can be a very versatile option and match any everyday outfit. If your style is modern you can choose bolder pieces, if it is artistic colorful items, and so on.

Additionally, you can think about the occasion you want to include the jewelry. For example, you can invest in more luxurious pieces like diamond necklaces, pearl bracelets, or rings with precious stones if you are going to a fancy formal event. But for your everyday life, choose something more casual like metal hoop earrings, small points of light, or perhaps necklaces without pendants.

You can’t forget the set. Creating a harmonious look is like building a work of art. So, match your jewelry with your clothes. See if it is possible to create a harmonious marriage between the prints, types of fabric, and cut of the design. A blouse with a high neck requires a different type of necklace, and another with a V-neck requires a completely different style. Therefore, if you are wearing more minimalist clothes, you can include jewelry with more details and so on.

How can I include delicate jewelry in my routine?

You can liven up your look in a simple and assertive way just by including delicately shaped jewelry. A necklace can help highlight your neck, as well as draw attention to your face.

You can choose a necklace with a small pendant or one with several layers of thin, subtle chains. Even those without pendants work here, like ribbon-style chokers that don’t need anything else and already communicate elegance and good taste in themselves.

Earrings are one of women’s favorite accessories, you can use a delicate piece to brighten your face and enhance the color of your eyes. Choose drop earrings, delicate stones, or thin chains.

The bracelets also help to seal the look. If you are a woman who likes watches you can match your bracelets with them. But if you don’t like it, you can replace it with bracelets, creating a beautiful look for the wrist area. They can be made with chains, and have pendants or not. If you go to the beach on vacation, invest in versions with delicate beads.

Rings are also the great favorites of women’s compositions. Therefore, highlight the area around your hands with a simple, thin metal ring or one with precious stones. A solitaire gives so much power to a woman’s image and just like red lipstick is synonymous with empowerment. Don’t forget to use your creativity. You can use one of each item mentioned here to create your own personal combination and increase your self-confidence.




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