An embarrassing complication of diabetes is urinary incontinence. This condition can also be due to other conditions such as after prostate surgery. Among diabetics, this is a result of neuropathy that developed due to uncontrolled high blood sugar levels for a long time.

Incontinence products such as pads, briefs for men, cheapest underwear, booster pads, special undies, overnight incontinence products absorb the urine that you least expect to flow out without your control. Protective beddings are very useful to prevent your mattress from leaks. Wipes prevent skin irritation and infections. To say the least, these incontinence products are necessities when you have urinary incontinence.

You may have experienced that some products work much better than others. Some pads may not fit you well or they don’t actually protect you from wetness and unwanted leaks. You may also have noticed that some pads or underwears irritate your sensitive skin with consequent allergic dermatitis. How do you choose the best incontinent product suited just for you?

Choosing What’s Best for you

Here are some tips to help you choose products for your incontinence

1. Select products that fit you to a T – How to do this? Measure your waist line and know how much you weigh. These are bases for choosing your size such as small, medium, large, extra large or extra extra large. If you choose a product such as a pad or underwear that’s too tight or too small, your skin won’t breath and it can cause skin irritation. Most of all, it might be inadequate to absorb the urine and it can leak. If it’s too large, it will be too bulky.

Most products such as prevail pads and under wear for men are in small/medium, large, extra large and even extra extra large sizes. Sir Dignity Men’s disposable briefs has a moisture proof pouch that holds a pad in place made from polyester and cotton body fabric that is breathable, medium, large and extra large.

Poise and tena pads for women are in large, medium and extra large sizes.

2. Know the severity of your incontinence – Is it just stress continence? You leak when you laugh, sneeze or when you carry a heavy load such as a heavy grocery bag. If so, choose products that are for mild incontinence. Some brands that are ideal for light incontinence include prevail pads, prevail male guards, poise pantiliners, tena incontinence pads for women. You can carry some in your bag and change as necessary.

If your incontinence tends to be an all-out bladder control this means you’ll be out of control and you leak anytime anywhere without you knowing it. You will need one that would hold moderate to severe flow. Protective underwear may be the best bet for you. Depend underwear are ideal for medium or heavy incontinence. It has leg elastics that provide a better fit and prevents leakage. This type of disposable underwear comes in different sizes too.

Guards or pads are designed according to the degree of severity of your incontinence. The tena incontinence pads for men come in light to moderate incontinence. They can be worn with regular and fitting underwear. The tena men’s super plus protective underwear is designed for heavy too moderate incontinence. The pads are usually made with absorbent polymers and designed with a highly efficient target zone for men. Prevail guards for men are for light to moderate incontinence and 13 inches long.

Moderate to severe incontinence products for women include poise absorbent pads that offer absorbency and prevent leaks. Invacare products such as the ultra plus absorbent pad are ideal for elderly diabetics. It has an ultra-absorbent core system that draws fluid away from the skin and strips to keep the pad in place.

Most pads have an extra layer of separation between the skin and the absorbed urine. This prevents irritation of the sensitive skin that can easily get infected. For women, the depend super absorbency protective underwear are ideal for women suffering from medium to heavy incontinence.

3. Choose appropriate product for night and day incontinence

There is a difference when incontinence occurs at night. Pads for night time use are wider and longer and recommended for a mild degree of incontinence. If you suffer moderate to severe incontinence you have to wear disposable or reusable incontinence underwears. These are usually fitted with adequate padding. Despite tossing and turning in bed when sleeping, you’ll wake up comfortable and dry upon waking up.

The tranquility premium overnight disposable absorbent underwears have a proportioned fit and come in large and extra large sizing. It can absorb a quart of liquid made with inner leg cuffs to prevent leakage and overnight protection. The fabric is also breathable and easy to tear which you should do first thing in the morning upon waking up.

Don’t forget to use a protective bedding. The reusable waterproof bed pad has three layer that ensures increased absorbency. The surface is quilted, the inner layers are absorbent while the backing is waterproof.

You have to change your pad right away when you feel it’s full. Don’t wait for your pad or underwear to get soggy before you decide to change it. Maintain scrupulous hygiene. It keeps the odors away and most important of all it prevents you from developing urinary tract infection.

Choosing the best incontinent products depend on knowing your weight, the degree of severity of your problems and being aware what products you really need. Doing this will make you better adjusted to your condition, prevent urinary tract infections and avoid embarrassing situations.




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