In the Spring, the weather gets warm, it can be challenging to experiment with different styles. How much more with colorful spring attires? The positive thing about this weather is that you’ll always be thinking about something. For example, when thinking about what to wear this season, jackets, coats, and boots will come to mind.

In cold weather, sweaters are popular because they are easy to maintain and provide excellent heat insulation. But the question is, how can they boost your style with them? You might wish to keep the following tips in mind.

Pair With Skinny Denim

Denim is an excellent background for any color. It serves as a good foundation for a fashionable look, thus allowing you to be extra glamorous. Sweaters may look ordinary in the spring season, but a nice pair of denim jeans will always get a second look.

Find A Neutral Match

For a sweater with many warm colors such as yellow, light green, and pastel pink, it would be best to match it with neutral pants or skirts. It is because the bright colors are already loud, so the muted tone of the neutral ones will balance it.

But be careful in finding neutral ones because sometimes a particular shade does not go well with the bright ones.

Print For Print

You can also upgrade your colorful sweaters by doing the yin-yang trick, which means going in contrast to the other but resulting in a nice balance. For instance, if your attire is bright because of the prints and designs, go for a pair of printed pants with designs.

The crucial thing for pairing up two printed items is that they have to connect. It means if the sweater’s design is lightly floral, then your pants should feature dark flowers.

Play With The Patterns

Aside from playing with colors and designs, you can also explore the patterns. Sometimes, horizontal stripes can be lame if there is no good match for the lower wardrobe. This time, though, you can go extra by conniving the horizontal lines to vertical ones.

Most times, lines play a vital role in one’s style because they commonly do tricks on appearing reasonably satisfactory. For instance, verticals can make you look slim and tall, while the horizontals can expand your size.

Color Overall

Since spring can make you feel gloomy, why not show warmth through your spring outfit by making it colorful overall. Many people would vouch for the fact that color can make a difference in your mood.

For instance, if you feel sad and lonely, you can lighten your mood by wearing cheerful colors such as yellow and pink. Colors are also a great way to express what you cannot say in words. If you feel a little resentful, you can always go with dark ones.

Sometimes, colorful sweaters can be challenging to style because you think too many colors would equate to too much loudness. But, as you learned from these tips, you have to pick a good match to come up with a good balance and an upgraded style.




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