Lingerie is a part of every woman’s wardrobe; it is a necessity in the current age. Not only does it provide the functional benefits for which it is used, it also boosts the confidence of the female wearing it; but to get this purpose the right type should be chosen. Otherwise, it will ruin the whole image of the person rather than enhancing it.

Before targeting specific body types, you should know the rule of thumb; which is that the lingerie should conceal your trouble area, while enhancing your good parts. If you have a small bust, then go with the one that gives it more volume. Similarly, if you have issues with your tummy, then you should buy something that is loose around that area, and have frills around it to provide more coverage.

In addition, mentioned below are certain body characteristics and cheapest underwear  types which will compliment them:

• Tall – Although having a good height is a great feature, but seeming too high can be a turn off for many people. So, the approach is to buy the type of lingerie which accentuates the best features, while minimizing the “giant” effect. The best type that is ideal for a tall woman is the classic or a traditional style. The panties will show off your legs; and give you a complete model and decent look. You can also add a garter belt to give it an amazing appeal.

• Short- if you are short then your primary objective should be that whatever you buy makes you look longer; whereas hiding your trouble areas is the secondary objective. One way is to get anything that has a cut on the sides of one of your legs. A loose silk nightgown, which has a slit at one or both ends with a low cleavage, gives a great look for petite girls.

• Athletic built- the first thing that is perfect and a must-have for all the females who have a toned body are boy shorts. Not only they show-off your legs, they also show off the toned posterior. This bottom can be combined with any type of top that suits the person. A plain bikini bra can be great to accentuate your toned stomach, back and enhances your cleavage. While a sports bra provides more conservative look.

• Skinny- although slim is quite in style, but it does not provide you the appealing look. That’s why it is important that whatever you use makes your body appear in more shape. You can use corset style lingerie, which will make your bust look heavier. For the bottom, you can choose a traditional panty with embellishments.

• Fully figured or plus size – contrary to the popular belief, these women have the most choice in lingerie. You can either choose a corset style, which will highlight the voluptuous curves, while trimming your waist, stomach or any other trouble area. On the other hand, you can go for a negligee; but in that case you should opt for dark- colored, lengthwise small prints.




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