From 1960’s till date, board shorts are popular among men, women and children. Before shorts came into the market, men and women would prefer beach apparel like speedos and most comfortable underwear. But now most men and women prefer board shorts because they are comfortable to wear and they give a cool and funky look. This type of short can be worn at home also.

Board shorts are perfect for surfing and beach wear. Many people wear this type of short in beaches because they are light weight, dry fast and easy to move around. Due to its cool designs it became a fashion statement among Hollywood stars like Brad Pitt to others.

Many men prefer this type of short because it looks great, available in various style and designs and can suit your body easily. Surfer look is a style that lot of guys adopt and strive for as it is a look that is easy to take on and looks great with floppy hair, casual and laid back shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops, easy and very cool. They are very comfortable and come in various colors and patterns, including classic tropical and Hawaiian prints. Lengths vary, but board shorts are longer than other styles of swim shorts reaching to the knee or just above.

Fabric used for shorts are made up of nylon or polyester material because they are lighter and fast to dry compared to other swimwear fabric. Other difference between this type of short and swim trunks lies in the waistband. Board shorts have stiff waistband so that they can withstand force of ocean waves. Another feature is lace tied up on the waist to provide extra insurance against losing bottoms to strong waves.

There is a vast choice of board short brands to choose from. Some of the famous brands include Speedo, AussieBum, C-IN2, Tulio and Ami Sanzuri. You can buy these designer shorts online or in shops depending on your body type and taste.

Many people are confused as to what should they wear under board shorts. Here are a few options:

Underwear briefs are one of the best options to wear under board shorts, but cotton material can sag with water weight which will not dry quickly as shorts, leaving you with a long wet but. But if you prefer the fit of briefs but without wet look, wear a pair of swim briefs under your shorts.

Those who don’t like Briefs can opt for boxers. Regular cotton boxers can bunch up when wet, so try a quick drying version from underarmour like Boxerjock. Another popular option is Biker style Lycra shorts which can prevent chafing and dry quickly. This style was specially designed for athletes, but can move easily with your body and can be worn alone if necessary.




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